MON Scrim Team
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Metro Only Network Scrim Team.

We originally started as a Social bunch of guys, holding a few servers and playing for the lolz. (Metro Only Network). Realising the overwhelming talent some members of this clan have, (:3), I decided to start a scim team to take on anyone who thinks they're top shit.
Bascally we accept any challengers, friendly or not. Hit up myself or one of the leaders/members if you want a scrim. We do 5v5 Inf, vanilla maps.

Scrim Record:
Win: MON 3-1 [JKS] Jokers
Win/Draw: MON 2-1 (2-2) [vF] VorteX FortE

If you would like to join the team, hit me up on
or apply right here.

Must have a working headset/mic
Must join TS regularly
Have decent aim :3

Don't be offended if you're not in the starting lineup, there are always spots to fill.

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