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Operation Red Wings was a team of four Navy SEALs from the U.S. Marine Corps, tasked for surveillance and reconnaissance of a group of structures known to be used by Ahmad Shah and his men in Afghanistan in September 2005. Within an hour, the SEAL Reconnaissance and Surveillance team was attacked by Shah and his men who were armed with AK-47s and RPG's, the SEALs made a number of attempts to contact their combat operations center but were unsuccessful. Three of the four team members were killed, and the only survivor, Marcus Luttrell, was left unconscious with a number of fractures and other serious wounds. He regained consciousness and was rescued by a local Pashtun, who ultimately saved his life, as in his condition, without assistance, he would surely have been killed or captured by the Taliban. Marcus has since dedicated his life to this man and makes regular contact to him and his family who have relocated to Texas, USA to be with Marcus. A film has since been made about Operation Red Wings, Lone Survivor (2013).

This platoon is dedicated to the soldiers who lost there lives in Operation Red Wings and the numerous soldiers that have lost their lives in the battlefield.

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