Nᴇᴇd ʀevive?
Tag: [ɴR] Fans: 2 Created: 2015-02-22

Platoon Presentation

This platoon is open only for good teamwork players !

Only Teamwork players will be accpeted in this platoon and pro's with defib ! In order to join this platoon u need to have 250 kills with defib + knife, and u need to prove your skills.
If we see that you are a acitve teamwork player and you have good skills, you will revice our invite !

Remark : If you don't be active or use anykind of hack you will get kicked from this platoon !

Show as some respect and press the butten "Become a fan" up in the right corner :)

Last platoon post update : 2/23/2015

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