The Expendables Bravo
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Platoon Presentation

***Welcome to The Expendables Bravo Platoon***

I Rambo_Knifer - Founder hold our members in very high regard and will do everything in my power to ensure they are treated with upmost respect on and off the battlefield as, The Expendables Platoon/Members are classed as family. I have been playing for 3,000+ hours and have seen too many that just want to abuse/disrespect other players on and off the battlefield.

I will not have any known HACKERS as they Don't Belong In The BF3 Gaming Community Period. TROLLING in this platoon is also not welcome.

Some requirements are expected of this Platoon:

1) Members of this platoon wear The Expendables {EX} Tags.
2) Message myself or any leaders for our TeamSpeak Details.
3) Please drop in and say hi every now and then :)
4) If you are found to be disrespectful on any server while wearing this clans tags you will be kicked from The Expendables.

Our Servers -

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me ( Rambo_Knifer ) or any of the Leaders of this platoon anytime. Please enjoy you're stay and we look forward to talking to you and fighting alongside You on the Battlefield . At Ease Soldiers and have a GREAT DAY !, TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED ! You Drew First Blood, Not Me.

Team Speak 3
Message any Leaders.

Watch this video of RancorousJoey Made Awesome Video.

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