Tango Whiskey 1
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Platoon Presentation

Tango Whiskey 1 is a realistic clan. We go by rank and our squads go by squad names. Your squad leader/ officer is the only person aloud to have mic on team chat during a battle. Being in this clan is no joke.We like to make everything as real as it gets. Please have a mic to join. If you do not have a mike you have failed the first part. Right now we do not have a server but are working on it. This is a bf3 only clan.

Squad officer Training-Must be a level colonel 10
Medic,engineer, and support are the classes any rank may use
Scout Sniper School (SSS)- Must ask squad officer to send a sniper school training letter to one of the platoon leaders

Jet Pilots- All your job is doing bomb runs and shooting down other jets or choppers that are not friendly. Also protect chopper transports.

Chopper Transport Pilots- You are to insert sniper teams behind enemy lines or do extracts around the map.(If you have a medic with smoke,mark LZ with smoke.)

Scout Chopper Pilots- Defend transports choppers at all costs

Attack Chopper Pilots- Clear LZ's for other choppers or do close fire support for your fellow team mates

Boat Drivers- Insert a sniper team behind enemy lines or do extracts for other squads

Tank/LAV Drivers- Defend ground troops

Humvee Drivers- Transports other team mates

*Any other truck, tank, plane i missed just think before you do

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