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Platoon Presentation


This Platoon was made for those that still love the BF3 Title and still play today. We will be organizing and starting to get ready for some competitive gaming. So hang tight, changes are coming along with some inter structuring.

<><> INFANTRY LEADER: Sivtec99
1. vikasagrawal9 (MEDIC)
2. HolyDiver505 (MEDIC, SUPPORT)
5. lazyguy247 (ENGINEER, MEDIC, SUPPORT)
7. Vigilante(MEDIC,BIPOD-PRO)

MBT/LAV Operators
1. Lucifer
2. TheBigHairyMan
4. SSGTbone
5. O_19Kilo_O
6. TT_Teksid

<><> Gunner/Reps
1. Frailty
2. Jesta
3. TheBigHairyMan
4. vikasagrawal9
5. TT_Teksid
6. vikasagrawal9

<><> Air Squad Leader: LegendBlue
1. LegendBlue
2. Nightstalker1813
3. TT_Teksid
4. Maggot_146

<><> Attack/Scout/Transport Helios
1. Complexcityy
2. Cuttybooboo
3. Frailty

<><> Gunners
1. Jesta
2. Frailty
3. TT_Teksid

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  • psu1442 joined the platoon ePIC Souls
    Pr0sPecT_GaMiN sorry Blazed wrong ePic Souls we started a new one . Ill send request hold on
    6 years ago
  • lll-ROBERSON joined the platoon ePIC Souls
  • Pr0sPecT_GaMiN wrote on the wall for ePIC Souls:
    Letting Lucifer have the control on this. Hes going to be able to be more active than I would be at doing administration duties, roster building and changes . I work way too many hours during the weekend and not being able to do anything on this except for the week. Its all the same but Lucifer will be able to be active alot more than I would.
    Pr0sPecT_GaMiN Plus it allows me to stay focused on NOS and building that up without confusion
    6 years ago
  • Ii_LuCiFeR_il wrote on the wall for ePIC Souls:
    We are doing some restructuring guys. New platoon made and website has been made for us. Ive spoke with jest and he's on board with us. Thanks guys, please apply to new platoon, as I don't have some of you on my list and apply on website. Lets kick some ass.
    Scuba_Steve1776 Whats the web site?
    6 years ago
  • sivtec99 wrote on the wall for ePIC Souls:
    I need all infy guys on that list to add sivtec99.And if anyone else wants to add me go for it im always looking for players to play with .
  • Ii_LuCiFeR_il wrote on the wall for ePIC Souls:
    Armored squad, list times of available times to schedule scrims. @Siv make sure we don't conflict our times and would like for you to be available . Thanks, I have a posts scrim vs another clan.
  • sivtec99 wrote on the wall for ePIC Souls:
    We will be doing some inter clan scrims to soon.Let the leaders know when a good time will work out for anyone.I want to do 2v2 choppers 1v1 jet dogfights.Prolly do some 4v4 infy only so those people will be able to work with each other as a squad for future clan battles.
    Ii_LuCiFeR_il Sivtech is our Infy squad leader. I'll be attending this this session. In attempt to monitor play styles and get acquainted with you all.
    6 years ago
  • Ii_LuCiFeR_il wrote on the wall for ePIC Souls:
    How many people on here have actually added anyone?
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    sivtec99 Sent friend requests to sivtec99.i will be on all day today
    6 years ago
    Ii_LuCiFeR_il This is important that we all get on the same page. Get to know each other, along with adapting to play styles.
    6 years ago
  • ll-Vigilante-ll joined the platoon ePIC Souls
    sivtec99 oh not this scrub O.o
    6 years ago
    Ii_LuCiFeR_il Ohh noo... welcome aboard
    6 years ago
  • HolyDiver505 wrote on the wall for ePIC Souls:
    Frail and I put a server up. Frailty's Prison Rules Server. We'll make any leader an admin. Use it for practice, matches whatever. Change the he maps if you want. Send me a message in game for admin rights.
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    Pr0sPecT_GaMiN awesome thanks
    6 years ago
    TheLegendBlue Sweet. Shoot me a friend request or I'll shoot you one and keep it active through the week.
    6 years ago