Failed 2v2 Cup #dead
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to JayKays 2v2 Cup Platoon.

The time has come to do another 2v2 cup after siegers and the three ESL cups.
The rules are the same as siegers rules.
In this cup only Bazaar is played and not Teheran or Metro.

The rules and HOW TO JOIN THE CUP you can read here:

The PRIZE is a 10€ Paysafecard for each player of the winner team.

The cup starts on the 26th of march.
Good luck and have fun ;)

To care for representative results, each player is getting checked by the Cheat-o-meter. If this tool/webpage shows that you might be a cheater, you aren't allowed to play in this cup!

I have to do this because we haven't any Anti-Cheat Tools like the ESL or 4PL which are able to identificate hacks.

Moreover there will be a record duty for EVERY player that a protest can be checked!

How to organize a match:

1. Contact one of your enemies in the platoon or by another way

2. Find a good date for the match. U can set it whenever you want but the match has to be played in a timeline of 7 days. If one of the team can´t play in this timeline it is out of the cup.

3. Play the match and make a screenshot after each half to make sure that the other team can´t tell something wrong.

4. Post the sore of the match in the platoon in a way like this: Team XX vs Team XX = XXX Tickets : XXX Tickets

The cup starts tomorrow on the 26th of march at 6pm CET

Please make sure you know the rules, because a rule fuck is a insta loss! Also make sure that there is the record duty (you also can stream)! You can delete the recordings after one hour, if the other team doesn´t have a reason to see them.

May the best team win! GL & HF


Team 1: TheJayKayy | inspired_Hw00d
Team 2: -cG-Vinx | ExA_Proboszcz
Team 3: MadManooo_0 | Xcllusive | ThompsowN
Team 4: Cr4zyNuTs | Prekaaaa | mTw-XWraith
Team 5: ShiftyPwN | Tsunami-bRAke | Aspera-IPatyy
Team 6: dona | Yohko
Team 7: M3L0 | Reid | Vicius
Team 8: Xtreme_Reembo | Xtreme_Armored | Xtreme_0bject
Team 9: TsY_Bananaa | XSpLiit
Team 10: HeXaN | NQQBIX | ECLIPSE_zerq
Team 11: v1ctory_Daumel | DanielF1sh
Team 12: KnK-GreWolf077 | paralyzee
Team 13: WannnnaaaaaBEE | ExTaZzy3
Team 14: bladEstaR____ONE | Aspire_f0rest | LEGENDxPROMASTER
Team 15: kRAZEYY0 | pzudemk | Aceinf | its_just_Meika
Team 16: SwaggyNaNoDaKing | mTw-Whiskey_r | gayEK-RaikiriIIi
Team 17: Unimprovable_e7 I RAANAARA I bot_Pavlovi4_e7
Team 18: 1Vini_ | 1pinow__
Team 19: NS_nGiB | intermarche_Demo
Team 20: VertiX_CrypTic | VertiX_V1L1N
Team 21 : AbuFasT | Crash_Evil | XBushmasterY
Team 22: iM-IIPMII- | AlvesM16A3
Team 23: Vw-DattKid | Vw-Danowicz
Team 24: Vw-Oriax | Vw-msee
Team 25: MAYHEM-caralho | 1xerecao
Team 26: Oz-Showww | Oz-Land0
Team 27: iMM0RTALLL | Xtreme_Daumel | iAM_r0my
Team 28: unitasQuick | unitasNarzissos
Team 29: SiNA_Urban | xRadamantz
Team 30: -gLx-SixtyNine | -gLx-Dana | -gLx-Skimiis
Team 31: xREDONDITO | ShootDiesel | xharkz
Team 32: FP-r3Laps3 | J3rmu17

Cuptree, rules and more here:

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