Vııctrıx™ BF3
Tag: [Vıı] Fans: 68 Created: 2014-03-22

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–– No.1 5vs5 Conquest and 4vs4 B Flag Team 2014, unbeaten in both game-modes

''VICTRIX'' – Ancıent Greek translatıon – ''CONQUERORS''

• We are currently undefeated, we will accept any challenge and will respect anyone who beats us
• We are a famıly: we play together, we move together, we ımprove together
• We are only playing EU teams for connection reasons in other regions
• We strictly only play 4vs4 B-Flag and 5vs5 Conquest
• Highly coмpeтιтιve clαɴ


(Vıı) • Vııctrıx XpR
(Vıı) • Vııctrıx WolF

(Vıı) • Vııctrıx NeoX

(Vıı) • Vııctrıx TrX
(Vıı) • Vııctrıx XplızıT
(Vıı) • Vııctrıx VoLvo
(Vıı) • Vııctrıx eRZoR
(Vıı) • Vııctrıx Erza
(Vıı) • Vııctrıx xReZ

┠━━━━━Record (Matches/Scrims only, not Trains)

Wins – 15
Draws – 0
Losses – 0

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