BattleZone Server
Tag: [BZ] Fans: 14 Created: 2014-11-13

Platoon Presentation

This is the platoon of the "BattleZone | Firestorm/Caspian 1000T | Fast vehicle spawn" Server:

Server stats:


• Active players can request a VIP slot !

• You can always report a player here if something goes wrong, recording is highly recommended as proof.

• Every kill on the server is logged and "suspicious stats" are carefully checked, using any kind of hack/cheat will result to a perm ban and EA report.

• Read and follow the rules, you will be warned if you break them and banned if you still do.

Rules are the following:
- No baserape, vehicle stealing
- Glitching, jet ramming
- Heli seat switching from base or redzone, let pilots choose their gunner

* Baserape/Glitch = permban without ANY warning !

Enjoy your stay on BattleZone!


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