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Platoon Presentation


Organizer: ll Executive ll (PaaybackUTM)

1. Conception:
--> 1v1
--> 3 Maps, each tanker selects 1 favorite map + side (RU or US side).
--> Third map will be chosen by the organizer and will be the last map (random principle, side allocation as well)
--> Every played map is a round. The first player that has 2 kills on a map, wins the round.
--> The player that wins 2 of 3 rounds has the overall win and reaches the next stage.
--> The Tournament will have the following stages: 10 players --> 4 players --> 2 players --> Champion
--> Tournament maps: Kharg Island, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Seine Crossing and Teheran Highway. DLC maps are allowed, if both tankers have them and the chosen maps provide a tank on each side.
--> During the match we (tankers and myself) communicate via XBOX party.

2. Rules:
--> No RPG/SMAW/Javelin or any kind of explosives.
--> No AT mines or C4.
--> No camping in base.
--> No guided missiles!
--> No running away or hiding.
--> No driving back into the base
--> No disrespect and tbag.
--> If you lose your tank in water or similar situations, it doesn't count as a loss (except red zone)
--> Destroyed tank instantly counts as a point for the enemy and as a loss for you.
--> Defeated tankers have to do suicide or let themselves get killed by enemy tank.
--> If you have won a duell you have to do suicide and spawn in the base.
--> Time limit for rounds varies depending on maps and tankers.
--> If you get disconnected you have 5 minutes to rejoin the match. If it happens the third time, you are disqualified.
--> Rulebreakers will get disqualified!

--> Repairing own tank
--> Using third seat (commander) to spot enemys
--> All MBT gadgets and upgrades (except no guided missile)

3. Participating tankers
10 players:
- TheRoofis0nFire (Germany, 111.601 kills)
- ZxZ T MAN ZxZ (USA, 50.590 kills)
- Corsaaiir (Italy, 50.033 kills)
- Raphael59 2 (France, 39.700 kills)
- zM1 o NiGHTMaRE (South Africa, 29.364 kills)
- AmNeZiK ShArK (France, 42.551)
- TBK x Helmut (Germany, 21.672 kills)
- Killswitch2368 (Ireland, 9.010 kills)
- NosTalgiC NeesK (Brazil, 36.705 kills)
- Makepeace76 (USA, 28.844 kills)

4. Matches:

Stage 1:

- Match1: [ZxZ T MAN ZxZ] vs.[Makepeace76], (Firestorm, Kharg, Caspian), winner: [ZxZ T MAN ZxZ] 2:1
- Match2: [Corsaaiir] vs. [NosTalgiC Neesk], (Seine, Firestorm, Teheran), winner: [Corsaaiir] 2:1
- Match3: [Raphael59 2] vs. [TBK x Helmut], (Firestorm, Caspian), winner: [Raphael59 2] 2:0
- Match4: [AmNeZiK ShArK ] vs. Killswitch2368], (Kharg, Firestorm), winner: [AmNeZiK ShArk] 2:0
- Match5: [TheRoofis0nFire] vs. [zM1 o NiGHTMaRE],(Caspian, Teheran), winner: [TheRoofis0nFire] 2 :0
- ExtraMatch: [ZxZ T MAN ZxZ ] vs. [AmNeZiK ShArk] (Teheran, Kharg),winner: [ZxZ T MAN ZxZ] 2:0

AmNeZiK ShArK (winner 1st stage, loss in ExtraMatch)

Stage 2 (semi-final):

Tournament bracket: http://tinyurl.com/pbqf9kn

All maps of the semi-final have to be DLC content. You can choose every map (+side) and game mode that provides a tank on both sides.

- Match1: [ZxZ T MAN ZxZ] vs. [Corsaaiir], (Strike at Karkand, Wake Island), winner: [Corsaaiir] 2:0
- Match2: [TheRoofis0nFire] vs. [Raphael59 2], (Nebandan Flats, Operation Riverside), winner: [TheRoofis0nFire ] 2:0

Stage 3 (Final)

[Corsaaiir] vs. [TheRoofis0nFire], (Alborz Mountain, Nebandan Flats), winner: [Corsaaiir ] 2:0

MBT TOURNAMENT 2015 Champion: ***Corsaaiir***

5. Server:
--> Name: " - - M B T T O U R N A M E NT 2 0 1 5 - -"
--> Private, unranked server with password (you will get informed)

6. Recording matches:
If I have your allowance, I will record all matches with my capture card and upload it on YouTube. I will be on the second seat of the tank (without any upgrades) and record what happens :) My YouTube channel is "BF3 Analytics".

7. Date and time:
--> The regular matches will be on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
--> In reference to different time zones, every match will be coordinated individually as soon as I know the match partners.

8. Final annotations:
This is a friendly MBT tournament, no disrespectful behaviour please. Respect your opponents and stay relaxed.
If you have any questions or suggestions to/for the tournament, feel free to message me on Battlelog or XBOX! :)


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