Axis of Destruction
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[AoD] - Founded January 2012. As of July 1st 2012, having [AoD] tags is mandatory for membership.


TyFi: "I don't use the laser sight because it gives away your position."
Vass: "You know you can turn it off, right?"
TyFi: "What!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

"Dude this used to be an office....but now it's not."
-Rooster170, probably high, in Operation 925

"Fuck you, you fuck!"

"I'm supposed to graduate tomorrow"
-TyFi10, at 2:45am

TyFi10: "Krazzy, do you want to become a server admin? Shoot your gun if you do."
*Krazzy starts spinning and jumping while emptying an entire LMG clip. His twirls were eerily similar to Lonely Island Jizz in my Pants reaction*

GalliePowPow: "Did you know that Asians don't have slanted eyes when they are born, they grow them over time."

JDM-Sebb: "I want to get Premium so bad?"
TyFi10: What? You want to get pregnant so bad?"


**AoD Memories**

VassiliZaitsev backing up full speed on Seine Crossing Rush in the LAV to avoid enemy RPG's, before flying over the railing and plummeting into the river.

KoryGhost tank-sniping a sniper at the top of the mast of the carrier in Kharg Island

TyFi10 realizing tac-lights can be turned off.

Patvolcom65 bailing his jet, landing on the roof of A in Kharg Island, 3rd set, attacking with three tickets left. Everyone spawns on him. VassiliZaitsev42 plants the bomb right when the ticket counter hit zero.

VassiliZaitsev42 getting chased by 4 MAVs at once in Kharg conquest.

KoryGhost and Vass playing with Celtic-Champion1 for the first time in Tehran Highway conquest.



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