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Presentación de pelotón

★ Welcome to the Platoon "SharpShooterz" ★

'[SSz]' is the short form of SharpShooterz and its tag.

The Platoon SharpShooterz consist of players from all over the world.

Everyone can join, so feel free to apply to join!
We don't have any requirement (necessary condition).
But we see your game ability.

But, you should notice the following rules
-Be polite and kind to everyone.
-Do not use bad language. ^^
-Do not blame other people.----->
-Play fair.
Only these four rules you have to keep.

You represent your nation.
Act carefully and please follow the rules.We are looking for players that regularly play bf3.

~Add Members and leaders.
~No hatred towards one another !
~No spawn camping enemy bases!
~Use the [SSz] tag at all times
Have Fun And Play As A Team !