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EA Disconnects - Fix Thread

BR Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-12-14 00:58
You were disconnected from EA Online (1)

I tried all the procedures
Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2011-12-14 22:03
disconected the unpn on my pc and on my router and im still having the same problem......its been doing it scince they gave me the last patch...its all down to ea and dice to sort out now...i think people are going to give up trying soon if they dont fix it
TR Enlisted: 2011-11-04
2011-12-31 05:32
I keep getting the red message of doom too. It's so annoying, all because some people don't have access to cable broadband.
Enlisted: 2011-10-31
2012-01-06 17:48 []
Enlisted: 2011-12-24
2012-03-28 18:34
did everything and still same horseshit
NZ Enlisted: 2011-11-06
2012-05-13 07:42
didn't work, Ive now given up all hope on this game. maybe i should buy mw3 i heard your allowed to play it
Enlisted: 2012-04-16
2012-06-19 18:14
Destructow said:
I tried turnin my fire wall off and making an exception on my anti virus but it still says my connection to the server has timed out...

and like all that other stuff you guys have listed i have no idea what your talking about...

i have the same problem :( WTF shuld i do?
PT Enlisted: 2012-06-05
2012-06-19 19:10
Im having the same exact issues!!!
PT Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2012-06-19 19:13
Guys " The1AndOnlyWOLF " help me out a lot trying to getting not one but some problem with my bf3 he ROCKS
Enlisted: 2012-04-03
2012-07-25 20:02
worst support evah

you should learn from blizzard...
US Enlisted: 2012-05-22
2012-08-10 16:15
Doc_ShootnLoot said:
I get this frequently. But I play on PS3 which hooks through my router. However, I also get this when I plug directly to my cable modem. If I'm lucky, I can play for 15-30 mins, then I'll get disconnected. If I'm unlucky then it typically happens during my first 10-20 mins of playing. Pretty annoying. Any suggestions for console users?

i have the same problem on xbox -.-
US Enlisted: 2011-11-05
2012-08-10 16:41
I've had this bullshit on and off with no changes what so ever, it acts up in waves when if feels like it. I've tried every single fix I could find...disabled AV and firewall...UPNP disabled...everything.
AU Enlisted: 2012-01-15
2012-08-31 08:12
I have tried everything of the above and nothing works. Most of the time I get below 15 ping, an average of 50fps on high. NVidia drivers are up to date and the CPU is running fine. Yet recently, I've been suffering lag and disconnects 5-10 minutes into the game and it's just intolerable.
SE Enlisted: 2012-06-10
2012-08-31 08:49
I tried something here yesterday. []

Thread got trolled by some loser while I'm only throwing some tips out.
AF Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-08-31 10:28
If you've done all those,see if it this...
Click on start menu down bottom left.
Type in services,click on it..
your looking for this,SSDP stop this it will be reset when you turn your computer off.
Jump in game see how long you get to play for.
Giving players access to certain parts of the code would potentially leave it open to hacking exploits, he said, and this is something that DICE is not comfortable with at all. Tell that to the players that get headshot with the igla scrub.......srs
GR Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-09-04 08:55
omg thank you so much i finally fix my internet problem and i can play without any disconnect thank you again
SK Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-09-11 16:11
You were disconnected from EA Online (1) still these shits, i even bought premium on this piece of crap.
Enlisted: 2011-11-14
2012-09-11 16:15
Have any others had success with this fix?
GB Enlisted: 2011-12-28
2012-09-11 16:32
What about for PS3?
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IN Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2012-09-12 08:00
I'm on cable modem and I cant join any servers. This problem is going on since feb when an update of bf3 came and messed up all the things. When i try to join a server after when the game manager says connecting, it gives an error says "Game Disconnected : Could not join server". I've talked to like 6-7 EA Advisors and technical help but they werent able to help. Talked to one of EA community managers("Basti") but he too was not able to help. I cant join a server in which there are more than 20 players in it. but i can join a server where there are less than 20 players in the server. What kind of stupid problem is this. Pls consider this.
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