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Activate battlog for xbox

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2011-10-25 23:24
how do I activate my battle log for xbox. I got battle log signed in but it shows BF3 PC next to my name I don't have that I have a 360. Does anyone know how I change it so my battle log can be activated on my xbox?
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2011-10-25 23:43
Same question...
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2011-10-25 23:53
Have you linked your EA account with your XBox Live gamertag and registered your product/online pass?
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2011-10-26 01:23
How do you do that?
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2011-10-26 03:29
You can find instructions in the BF3 FAQ []

Step 1
After booting up Battlefield 3 and logging into XBL, press the “Guide” button on your controller.
Step 2
Navigate to the “Marketplace” tab, and select “Redeem Code”.
Step 3
There is an Online Pass code included on an insert in your copy of Battlefield 3. Enter this code now. If you do not have a code, you can buy one for $9.99 through Battlefield 3’s “Store” which you can find in the game’s main menu.
Step 4
Once your Online Pass code is entered, you’ll be prompted to confirm the download, which will ensure your console and XBL account are verified for the Battlefield 3 Online Pass.
Step 5
Once the Online Pass is confirmed, it will be added to your active downloads.
Step 6
You’ll receive a confirmation of activation message and your content license will be recognized by the game.
Step 7
Once downloaded and activated, the Online Pass will have been registered to your account, granting you access to Battlefield 3’s online multiplayer modes and Battlelog.

Hope this was helpful!
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2011-10-26 06:54
I have done all that weecore has suggested as well as speak with a support person. They were unable to migrate my battlelog from PC to Xbox. I don't understand what I can to adjust this.

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2011-10-27 00:10
im having the same problem i think they are currently updating or working on it has anyone else been able to sync their xbox gamertag with battlelog?
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2011-10-27 00:15
I did it once I got my copy, I already had it linked from the beta so all I had to do was sign in on the battlelog site and it synced on my 360.
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2011-10-27 00:22
I didn't have any issues (PS3 here though) I had to play and finish a match before I could login to Battlelog.
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2011-10-27 02:54
I made this video to show you how I fixed mine... []
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2011-10-29 00:43 , edited 2011-10-29 00:48 by otsegoundead665
i am ALSO having this problem. Hoping EA is fixing this.... Battlelog is just icing on the cake, but it would be great if the icings WASN'T MADE OUT OF SH!T.
also, please do a voice over for that video, it was really hard to tell what you were doing... Also, I don't have a dropdown menu for my "Active Soldier" like you did Rjive, it just think's I'm playing on PC for some reason... it won't update my soldiers stats!!!!! *RAGE* I have been talking to customer service 2 days in a row trying to get my ORIGIN problems straightened out and I am seriously losing my patience with this.
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2011-10-29 00:57
Same boat. And while that video is nice and all, it tells us absolutely nothing. How to you create more than one active soldiers?
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2011-11-03 04:49

Still getting Battlelog activation error message on the XBOX when loading up BF3.

I originally had pre-order BF3 for PC, but cancelled the order 10-21-11, with a cancel confirmation order #.

Purchased XBOX Limited Ed BF3 from BestBuy. The game contained the online pass activation code.

From marketplace, entered the Pass Code - got my Specat freebies.

Have not received any activation emails from EA.Com for BF3 for xbox.

Master EA ID is my xbox g/t ---- but is not able to allow for space between SrChief and Shanker, it is run together, but on XBOX there is a space.

I joined a clan - can see it on the Battlelog - added friends. My Battlelog still shows that I need to activate the soldier. I have 2 persona's, but this g/t is the master id. Frankly, I would like to get rid of the older g/t.

Now, if I could get the Battlelog to come up on the Xbox - and get my money back for the PC game that I ordered and cancelled, and find an email address to EA billing....I would be a happy man.

But for in a funk. The idea of having to call EA and be on hold....I got too much to get done in the next 9 days.

Ahhh, the funk....
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2012-02-12 08:16
Please Consult me in the game I said that I was offline and I do not know how to activate my account so I can play multiplayer.
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2012-02-15 17:40
oh really
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