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ASUS ATI Users Update Method

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This was taken from a Post put into my thread, ( i have no easy link for linking post's +1 for a link post button)
Anyway - Many thanks to the user - Caliell
This is a TEMP Fix as ASUS must update those drivers. Do not be happy with what they give u (9 month old drivers)

Anyway -
Okay for ASUS players Radeon Mobility AMD 5870 fix (or how I fixed my Asus at least). You need at least 11.9 driver (which is the latest driver for Radeon series of cards) to play Battlefield 3 no 8.8 at the moment.

1) Go to and then click on the word "gaming" on the upper right corner of the screen. Under it there should be option to "find a driver".

2) Click on Auto-Detect (you can try to detect it manually if you'd like by going even further but there is typically no need to further than that options. Autodetector wors just like DXDIAG by detecting the most latest driver for your ATI radeon cards.

3) Download it but DO NOT INSTALL IT. You need to uninstall the old driver. Several times when I tried to install 11.9 on the top of 8.8, it crashed my entire system and I had to reboot it. There should two options when 11.9 is ready for installation 1) Install 2) uninstall. If you have not uninstalled 8.8, you need to click on uninstall and completely delete it off your system.

4) Go back to the install options and click on it. Install the file. You MAY get the file that, 11.9 FAILED TO INSTALL. Let it be! Just let computer fail to intall it and restart. Do not do anything and just let it restart itself at this point. Your Asus is designed to be as "smart computer" and will automatically after restart search and install latest driver on it's own or the driver you just installed (but still got failed message) will replace the old non existent driver.

Hopefully this helps.

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Please can All users who try this fix let me know how it goes.
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2011-10-27 22:19
I'm currently making a back up then I'm going to go ahead and give this a go
Will letcha know.
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2011-10-27 22:24
G73JH here. I'm on the 11.9 driver and BF3 auto detects at High and holds FPS at 60. It's amazing looking even on the 1600x900 display. Plays great too. The newer preview 11.10 version 3 driver and the old Asus manufacturer driver have too many issues to play BF3 with...crashing, black screens, dark/black ground, etc. 11.9 is the answer for me anyway. It rocks and doesn't BSoD at all. Max heat got up to 80 farenheit, which turns the fan on, but doesn't cause any problems with the gameplay. Been on this driver for 2 days now. Love it!
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Drivers aren't taking, now says I'm using version 6.1.7600.16385

Well at least I'm getting this error now, instead of nothing at all

Failed creating D3D device of at least version 10.0 on adapter "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870" with driver "Unknown". Error is DXGI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED ("Unsupported").
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2011-10-28 05:34
i really cant risk my laptop for this one...
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Hit this up

Im tired of not being able to help you guys i want you on the game

There is other methods i cannot advise, if you dont wanna risk ur laptop i wouldnt advise them.

Your gona have to make ASUS do this for u otherwise they will keep ignoring the driver issue
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Hi, here is a solution to asus driver update:

WARN; there will be a BSOD in the process

basically, download and install this link, without uninstalling your driver. [] ( you will get a BSOD whilst installing halfway)

once your computer restarted, download and install this link; []

once installed, they will prompt you to restart your computer. restart it.

last step; PLAY BF3

edit; your driver will be updated to 8.9

this should work for ASUS N61 series at least.
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2011-11-02 20:55
11.10 was released 2 days ago
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2011-11-09 05:48
@Eyelusion I have the exact same laptop with 1600x900 and I can't reach 60fps. I have the latest drivers. My fps is 45-50 in singleplayer and multiplayer is 30-35. Can you make sure that you have 60fps on high? using fraps
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