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2011-10-27 11:12


I'm Already playing but i can't get the physical warfare pack .!!

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2011-10-27 12:02
You get that code via email some days after delivery - announced it for the first week of november.


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2011-10-27 12:10
I've pre orderd it through origin, when is the mail with code supposed to be sent?
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2011-10-27 12:12 , edited 2011-10-27 12:14 by Mahjestyx
Code came in an email when the servers opened, maybe u aint suppose to get it if u haven't recieved it. I got mine through origin preorder but not all vendors included it with the limited edition.

The mail arrive exactly one hour after the game was release in my country. It came in a seperate mail just as the mail with your game cdkey that arrived at release.
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2011-10-27 12:14
Mhm weird, got the mail from origin with my game code, no warfare pack code, i've heard it would be seperate email but haven't recieved it .. yet ..ugh
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2011-10-27 12:14
Check your SPAM filters etc. If you bought it through Origin you should have a mail. If you don't, you can wait 1 hour until you can chat with a horrible Indian EA Customer Service representative / Advisor or whatever..
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2011-10-27 12:22
Yeah, i've waited like half day lol =) just playing through sp in the hope to recieve mail but nothing, not in spam , unwanted , or anything.

Cool only have to wait.. 47 minutes to speak to some ea guy eughqdgn;c:,bn
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2011-10-27 12:47
spoke to EA aaron on support .. made me wait 1 hour to tell me wait 24 hours for email...... usless EA support is
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2011-10-27 12:50
I got a unlock code is this the code?
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2011-10-27 12:57
I have the same problem! Its too fucking bad, that we dont get what we paid for! This is last time im gonna buy games diretly from EA, that at the same time is A LOT more expensive than for example direct2drive.
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2011-10-27 13:10
I got two emails when the servers went live...
They were both titled, " Origin - Product ready for order # ***********" <-- with the * representing my order number.

One was for the Acxtual game and the other for the PW pack.
Here it is..

" Thank you for ordering from Origin Store. The product that you pre-ordered is now available.

Order ID: ***************
Product ID: ***********
Product Name: Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack
Digital Rights: my keycode for the pack

With a bit of junk below.
I logged into origin and went to the options menu>Redeem Product Code and entered the Digital Rights code in the email. Voila!
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2011-10-27 13:11
yep contact the new terrible support platform
and wait 1-2hours for a response.

get ur code and play
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2011-10-27 13:39
Well got mine sorted

Manish was teh Support agent who helped me in under 5 mins

teh aaron dude took a hour and pretty much wasted my time

so random EA support is you get a star or a tosser
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2011-10-27 14:23
Thank you all guys for help,

I will contact the support now ,

Thank you again
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