How to spot enemy?

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2011-10-27 17:34
I know which key to press and all. But how exactly does spotting work?
It certainly doesn't work the same as in BC2.

Shoud i tap the spot key quickly? Can i always spot enemy when i can see them clearly?
Is spotting also disable for a few seconds when you spotted an enemy or is that only when you spotted no enemy?

Maybe someone can explain?

Also the Commo Rose which turns up after holding the spot button gives me headache. It often crashes/freezes the game, because it keeps flashing. Like as if i were pressing the spot key every second. I submitted this in bugs thread, but do this also when you have the same problem.
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2011-10-27 17:40
it appears there is a bug with spotting... Sometimes it works some times it doesn't. just simple pressing Q will spot the person but sometimes you have to press it 100 times for it to spot the person or vehicle
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2011-10-27 17:40 , edited 2011-10-27 17:42 by Fascion
You can (thankfully) no longer spot people who are behind objects, as you could in BC2. Additionally, spotted targets will temporarily un-spot if they go behind cover such that no one on your team has eyes on them anymore. When they come out, they will be re-spotted as long as they haven't been hidden for too long.

As for --how-- to spot... no, don't spam the button. You are only given X spot attempts per Y seconds. In beta it was 3 attempts per 5 seconds. Each Q-press is an attempt, successful or not.

Also, it seems that targets must be within your team's field of play to actually get spotted. If they are 'out of bounds' the game doesn't like spotting them for some reason (see: trying to spot jets/snipers/mortars.)
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2011-10-27 18:53
Thanks for the info guys
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2011-10-27 20:14
Oh THAT'S why I can't spot jets! It seemed almost random to me, sometimes it'd spot them if I hit Q anywhere near then, sometimes it wouldn't spot them no matter what. Guess they were just out of bounds.
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2011-10-27 20:21
Actually, I tried pressing Q but it seemed (at least to me) like a 'double-tap' on the Q button got better results.
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2011-10-27 20:28
seems to me range of current optic is taken into effect as well.
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2011-10-27 20:36
I think so too, because with the MAV thingie you can spot almost the entire map from wherever.
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2011-10-27 20:43
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Rickenbacker69 said:
Oh THAT'S why I can't spot jets! It seemed almost random to me, sometimes it'd spot them if I hit Q anywhere near then, sometimes it wouldn't spot them no matter what. Guess they were just out of bounds.

yeah same,but i think when jets gor the upgrate ' Invisibility ' they harder to spot that maybe why
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2011-10-28 19:08
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2011-10-28 19:42
I find spotting while using my sniper rifle awesome, thats almost my sole role in my squad as im a noob (first day playing Battlefield)
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2011-10-28 19:44
how do you spot on PS3?
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2011-10-28 20:02
JestersDead1 said:
how do you spot on PS3?
Select I think
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2011-10-28 20:07
okay.. i buy that.. as i have never used that button in a game before...
Scenario... i am playing support.. laying suppression fire across a large area ... as i see people on other side that i am shooting at.. i just press select at same time as shooting?
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2011-10-28 21:31
For me using the default Q tap to spot or call for ammo works just fine. But the alternate key (Mouse 4) does nothing, even though the game accepts that I've set it up as my alternate.