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Initializing ...

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2011-10-28 19:08
Bought game today , downloaded from origin and now when i am tryng to start a game ( single , multi or co-op ) I got stuck on " initializing ... " Have tryed many things but seems like nothing is helping ...
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2011-10-28 19:09
same problem... EA says that it will be fixed tommorow... hope so.
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2011-10-28 20:23
I'm in same boat - hope so
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2011-10-28 21:01
This is retarded, bought 12 copies (netcafe), and nothing works... thanks for ruining our launch event. Tried everything now.

Both firefox / ie.
Reinstall, install from disc, download from origin, multiple accounts.

Its opens bf3.exe, and then nothing happens. Even tried installing on multiple computers... (again, net cafe)...
US Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2011-10-28 21:40
I see it open bf3.exe for a moment - then die - very pecuilar
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2011-10-28 23:34
BF3 Launch Issue Fix []
DE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2011-10-28 23:37
doesnt fix it... got the same error... and if i take down my internet connection it says "bf3.exe doesnt run anymore" (translated from german)
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2011-10-29 00:03
Make sure pnkstra and pnkstrb are both running in windows services,it fixed my problem.
Open task manager.
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2011-10-29 00:07
FYI, folks - I finally got my BF3 starting at least - (it wasn't doing that AT ALL) - BF3 would start with the battlelog and then just die. I'd see it start in task manager and then go bye bye

after trying everything on here twice, I checked my event viewer application logs in Windows 7 - - It suggested (sorry I don't have a capture) - that the crash was occuring due to a .dll in Spybot S&D's active monitoring - stuff I thought I could turn down but no dice - I finally deinstalled it -

I finally got to the campaign startup screen - we'll see how things go from there but that was a major issue with me - battlelog looked like it wanted to start (join server in mp, initializing in campaign) but nothing

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2011-10-29 00:37 []

Did help with my problem. ( i was stuck on intilializing )
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2011-10-29 00:44
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Stan464 said:
BF3 Launch Issue Fix []

I was very sceptacle about this method when i had heard it earlier and watched the video, as i never could find the TM stamp on the game folder. The only place i found it was on display name, and I didnt think it mattered, but changed it anyway.

Loaded origin, tried to load BF3 from origin, FAIL. Damnit, so of course, I went back and checked the registry and folders, they were correct until i found a folder named origin in the list with a display name with BF3TM. This may be because by default my copy of BF3 installed to an "Origin Games" folder. Changed that one too and closed out registry.

This time I loaded went straight to Battlelog without opening origin. Found a server tried it, and voila. I got past 'joining server" for the first time since Wed. I dont know what finally got it to run but thats my story and I hope all the luck for you guys this weekend.
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2011-10-29 06:06
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Dannytje said:
same problem... EA says that it will be fixed tommorow... hope so.

where did u get the info?
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2011-10-29 06:11
I have had the same problem, hope this help, if it does, please copy/paste for others.

Try these 4 steps.

1. download Google Chrome for your browser

2. I'm using Windows 7. on your desktop, right click, go to personalize, and make it Window 7 BASIC color scheme.

3. I have good graphics power, but I still turned all the graphic options to medium

4. This is the starting process I use to play.


Start Google chrome

go to [] sign in

then pick the server you want to play

Now, the Origin sign-up will come up, sign in


When you see the BF 3 icon show up at the bottom of your screen in your menu bar, click it, it will go to full screen

Then immediately push Ctrl, Alt, DELETE which will bring up your task manager, and put BF 3 loading in a smaller screen, watch this screen until the game actual game (spawn screen) comes up.

Then just pick BF 3 in the task bar, and hit the switch to button on the task menu, which switches back to BF 3, and now you can play.

This has worked EVERY time for me, kinda of a pain, but it works.
Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2011-10-29 15:02
I found a solution that worked for me.
You install the game (duhh), update the what was it, 480 ish MB update, and then you update the 48MB file. You might be stuck at finalizing when you finish the update for 48MB file, just click the X.
Now the computer didnt find the game, you must go to the installed directory, and rename the EXE file to just bf33.exe (it should say after the 48MB freeze bf3.exe_DUH_somethingsomething, delete that and just have it bf3.exe.
Also you have to rename the directory /programfiles/battlefield3/battlefield3 (DELETE THE TM!)
You also have to go to regedite and update the path name there, that is remove TM from all the paths, go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - Software - EA Games - Battle field 3, and REMOVE all the TM from the following files
Display name
Install DIR

During this process try to have Origin closed at most/all times.
Sorry dont remeber the exact steps when I was fixing this, but these are the main steps.
When everything is fixed, you should be able to rightclick battlefild in origin, click check update, and it should say no update was aviable, and if the directory in program files and regedit have been changed, and the file name of the.exe file, you should be good to go! :)
Hope it helps anyone!
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2011-10-29 15:08
Still having problems? []

Do this like i posted it and you'l be fine ;)
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2011-10-29 16:34
if All are skepticle about my FIX i can revert back to how it was when i installed from fresh and show you the outcome? and then do a before and after????
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2011-10-29 23:18 , edited 2011-10-29 23:20 by Woestebanaan
... I have the feeling this is still a beta ...

Why does EA / DICE make the same mistakes Valve made with steam..? Had the same problem then with Halflife 2.
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2013-02-21 22:12
I am a genious... Start a server on multiplayer, while game manager tells you ''Logging In'' quickly join a coop and it will say matchmaking. THERE YOU GO ALL!
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