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Crash /w looping sound (sign here if you have it!)

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2011-10-29 08:14 , edited 2011-12-04 09:57 by JimiEZ
Ok, this is getting annoying, seeing how we're getting completely stonewalled by EA/DICE with a problem that has clearly been around since Bad Company 2 (see this video: [] , skip to about 1:00 ) and has been affecting a lot people. Worst bit is that they aren't acknowledging this problem even exists!

The symptoms are rather clear. Go to any Punkbuster enabled server, play for a while and sooner or later your game will freeze and the sound goes into an incredibly annoying loop/buzz, after which you need to manually reboot the whole system. After you've booted up, there's occasionally a BSOD - report waiting for you. (see the BFBC2 video above, the *exact* same thing happens with BF3 too)

I'm making this topic because it's obvious a lot of people are suffering from this same problem and have made numerous topics about it, which have mostly been ignored or are filled with people complaining about completely unrelated problems or offering absolutely pointless advice ("have you updated punkbuster!?!?!?" herp derp, of course I have).

So I ask everyone suffering from THIS exact problem to give a shout out here, in vain hopes that we might actually get DICE's attention on this.


PLEASE, PLEASE, don't post here if you're having crashes to desktop, other sound problems or any other unrelated issues, I would very much like to keep this topic about *this* specific issue only!

Also, IT'S NOT AN OVERHEATING ISSUE, so stop saying that.

My system spec, a bit on the low side but runs BFBC2/BF3 just fine when they actually deign to work for a minute or two:
C2D E8400, AMD HD4870 (non-clocked), Asus P5 - mobo, 4 Gb of 800 Mhz DDR 2, Win 7 64-bit, latest drivers on everything, latest PB etc.
No history of BSOD in any other games.
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2011-10-29 08:25
Yup....same here...sigh.
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2011-10-29 10:30
had it since badcompany2 aswell, i own all battlefield games but these 2 latest ones ruins it for me, feel cheated on my money since i have contacted suport hundreds of times, one time they even remote controlled my pc and told me they "fixed" it but ofc they didnt
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2011-10-29 22:02
Please we need a fix to this. I am having the same issue.
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2011-10-29 22:09
i got the same problem. You are not alone. I hope DICE fix this. Maybe i should go and give them a visit in Stockholm >.<

I am tried to update the punkbuster with the punkbusterinstall exe file without success. This need to be fixed!

this is my spec:
Intel i7 Boomfield 3,07ghz
6gb RAM
Windows 7 64bit
nvidia Geforce 560 TI
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2011-10-29 22:15
I think I have this problem to occasionally.
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I'm having this issue as well. It's so random, I'll play for 5 to 6 hours totally fine and....bam looping sound then a freeze with BSOD. Only game that has ever done this on my system. I have been playing about 10 hours a day, and will get about 1 or 2 BSODs during the course of that.

Everything else is fine otherwise....I just don't like putting my hardware through BSODs for no reason (like stupid ea and punbuster, if i'm gona get a BSOD it had better be for something cool like a new overclock benchmark).

I have an asus mobo, i7 920, ati 6950 flashed to 6970, win 7 64 bit, 12 gigs of ddr3 ram ... ect...ect.
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Yup, also got this problem. Was hoping this would be fixed in BF3 but sadly not. Hopefully they won't stone wall the problem like they did with BC2.
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2011-10-29 22:20
I have the same problem
i also had it with BC2

And my specs are more then enough to run this game

i7 2,68ghz

6gb ram

5670 ati 1g ram

windows 7 64 bit

so yea would love to see this fixed aswell
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2011-10-29 22:21
same here. kinda ruined my weekend :(
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2011-10-29 22:24
Yeah same drama here, never had a problem with BFBC2 though and I check everything for updates weekly atleast.
Sometimes its about 3 minutes inn the longest is about 5 minutes (just as you start thinking awesome its all fixed!!!)
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2011-10-29 22:25 , edited 2011-10-29 22:26 by RHBH
i have this problem too... It sounds like a PunkBuster/Realtek Drivers issue.

You have 3 solutions:

1 - Buy another soundcard.
2 - Use default microsoft sound drivers.
3 - Play in server without punkbuster.
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2011-10-29 22:28
Using default Microsoft sound drivers does not work for me, atleast.
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2011-10-29 22:30
RHBH said:
i have this problem too... It sounds like a PunkBuster/Realtek Drivers issue.

You have 3 solutions:

1 - Buy another soundcard.
2 - Use default microsoft sound drivers.
3 - Play in server without punkbuster.

A lot of us aren't using Realtek hardware.
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2011-10-29 22:30
Exact same problem here too... YAY!!

HD 6850
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2011-10-29 22:31
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2011-10-29 22:33
Yeah, I've got the same problem, can't enjoy the game till it's fixed meh.
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2011-10-29 22:34
same problem here
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2011-10-29 22:34
same here.
no problem with bfbc2.
installed new graphics drivers. it lasted 10 mins instead of 2 mins, but still crashes
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2011-10-29 22:36
Same problem here :( ordered a sound card, hope it's fixes the problem.
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