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DirectX 10?

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2011-10-31 00:16
Well you need a directx 10 card we need to know if its pci-e and you can check what kind of power supply u have by taking off the side panel.. it should tell u the wattage on the side of the ps.
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2011-10-31 00:20
Another dumb question. What's PCI? PCI-E? AGP? :(
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Its the type of slot the video card uses on your motherboard. agp and pci are old and pci-e is new.. My old 2600xt was pci-e but they also had agp models. That was years back. If it pci-e then any new card would work.. But we also need to know ur power supply wattage. and search system properties to let us know what cpu and ram you have..So we dont recommend a card that will just bottleneck.
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Sonic-Safais said:
Dude, buy yourself a console (if you dont already own one) and get the game for that. So much easier for you

Don't do this^, current consoles are old, crappy hardware. Find out what PC you got and upgrade it in the same company if you aren't very good at hardware stuff...
Or visit some specialized websites that sell good gaming rigs, like []

How can you recommend such a thing btw? A console?!?
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I bet he is playing at black and white screen.
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is you computer a laptop? if it is your screwed.
If its a desktop look inside and see if it has a PCI-E x16 slot: []
It may not be in the same colour

Also right click my computer and click properties it well tell you what your processor is and how much ram you have, tell us and we will be able to find you a suitable card so you can run this game or tell you that you need a new pc if you don't meet the minimum requirements
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2011-10-31 00:41
Okay, i found this. I got: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz.
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well your cpu doesn't meet the requirements either.. You could get away with it but it would also bottlneck most new gpu's. Whats your power supply and ram? Prob better off buying a whole new system if u can afford it imo.
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click the start button, then click "computer". close to the top of the window you should see a button saying "System Properties". Click this and it should give you a summary of your system specs

EDIT: Download CPU-Z from here: [] this will give you more detailed summary about your system. Once installed run it and click the "MainBoard" tab. down at the bottom it should tell what the graphic interface is, it will either say PCI, AGP, or PCI-Express.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how many watts your Power Supply is without physically opening up your computer. However the process is pretty simple, just make sure you have your system turned off and unplugged, then a simple Phillips screw driver should enable you to unscrew the door panel and take it off. You Power Supply will Either be in the top back of your computer or the bottom back. It will have a bunch of wires coming out from it, on the same side that faces the door panel you opened should be a sticker stating the maximum watts your power supply can generate.
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2011-10-31 02:14
This thread is one big pclol wtf
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2012-03-31 21:14
I have the same problem, my GPU is a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT. It even says DirectX 10.0 on the box!
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5 month old post MysticalChata!
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Even if the 2600XT supported DX10 or 11 it would be far too slow for BF3.
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2012-04-11 23:53
i was playing bf3 until i installed a new cpu, ram, mb and hd. i reloaded bf3 on my new hd and now i get the directx 10 error message?
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Usheri said:
Where do i download DirectX 10 so that i can play BF3? Please link if you know. :(
You need Windows 7 or Vista and a Video of an 8 Series or higher on the Nvidia side idk ATI/AMD

I need to have about 20% more ammunition.
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2012-04-11 23:57
learn to use google, it wont judge you as harshly as say...people in a game forum.
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Usheri said:
I'am terrible at computer stuff. I'am only good at gaming. :/ What's GPU?
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2012-04-12 00:25
Usheri said:
Okay, i found this. I got: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz.

Min requirements is a 2.4 Ghz core2duo, so dont expect good peformance on that part either, the game will run though.

The cheapest way to get battlefield to run is to just get a new graphics card. you'll be able to get a secondhand 4850 for 35,- euro, a gtx260 for 45, something like that. Look at the sticker on your PSU to see if there's enough A on +12V, you'll want at least 20A there, sometimes there's more +12V lines and you have 2x 15A or something. That'll work too.
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