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Origin Activation Issues - Possible Solution

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2015-06-27 00:41
Its 2015 and its still the same problem plz help me
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2015-08-16 02:37 , edited 2015-08-16 02:40 by Nalydyenlo
I got BF3 when it was 'on the house' and was playing it fine for months until suddenly one day I got the activation issue and couldn't start the game. I tried all the fixes here: [] - but none of them worked. I contacted support and they gave me a new key but that didn't work either. I thought I'd lost BF3 forever. Then I got a hunch about my newly installed broadband connection which uses IPv6 protocol, so I disconnected my broadband, plugged in my old IPv4 dongle modem and bang, the game activated again. It seems that Origin periodically checks the BF3 activation and that the activation servers have a problem with IPv6 connections. To further test the issue I decided to install BF3 on my second Win 7 partition, but this time tried activating it using my broadband (IPv6) connection through a VPN which gave me an IPv4 address. As I expected it worked and the game again activated.

Conclusion: BF3 activation servers suffer from 'IPv6 brokenness'!

Solution: Use a VPN software to give you an IPv4 address and activate through that. I used a trial version of Hotspot Sheild (on full protection mode). Avast Secureline is another VPN software with a free trial.

Curiously, I own BF4 too and that had no issues with the activation breaking, but a few other games I got 'on the house' also had this issue.
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2015-09-04 00:51
it worked for me, tanks
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2015-09-22 03:48
I got an issue trying to connect in MOH 2010, i put the registration code i have in my cd game box, i press "ok" and it put me "Connection problem. This code is already in use" . What can i do? I only have one account in ea. Anybody can help me?
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