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How to spot a hacker?

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2011-12-27 09:05
when they can quickly kill a group of say 5-6 people who are all spread out and not bunched up.
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2011-12-27 09:10
Aultimus said:
Just finished playing a map where Bumblebee_AA_2 and Iloveallruskies had over 200kills between the both of them. No one is that good.

If we had a way to vote/kick players when an admin is not around - the PLAYERS could handle these cheaters in real time. Yes, some innocent player who is having a good round may get kicked... If one or two are complaining of someone cheating... they are just butt hurt - but when the whole server is saying something about it - then we need a tool to handle that... []

Good luck, Ive been trying for 2-3 days now to report someone by using the battle report and mentioning how the persons nickname keeps changing, and the only thing they do is lock my threads, refer to locked threads i can go with the issue by moderators and so on. Does the cheaters happen to change nicks in your battle reports also? Seems as they have a real hardcore system to prevent cheaters ruining the game when they can simply change theyre nicknames and continue playing.
Meanwhile in EA Headquarters they are probably discussing how they will fix the massive amounts of players that screams on forums for actions to be taken against the cheaters, or bugs, or chashes and heavily monitor the forums ready for the next thread to lock..
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2011-12-27 09:12
Go to leader boards...
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Most hackers I see are using LMGs. On the killcam you can just see their aim snapping all over the place as they one-shot everyone on screen. Who would have guessed that an MAV is pretty much the only thing that can survive on their screen, and it can even take them down as if they were nothing more than a normal player?
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2011-12-27 09:23
H34D5H07 said:
so many of you saying everyone is hacking, how can you see that? just because he have 10-0? well i did that tho a few times, but im not hacking

When a guy stands on a high point acting like superman shooting laserbeams and headshotting people that come flying by with jets, helis, jeeps and just annihilate any groundforces within the reach of the map that happens to be in a clear shot from the deathmachine.

Or possibly anyone that just randomly teleports around the map, spawnkills you in your main. Flies around and knives jetpilots in mid air.

Or anyone that only do hs and kills you in a fraction of a second every time.

Basicly. When it starts becomming scores like 30/0 within just a few minutes. Then it's veeery fishy. Anyone finishes the round with 30/0? Either wallhack or just a good player that was lucky
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2011-12-27 09:40
First of all - stats doesnt matter!

You can sort out two types of Hackers - noobs and advanced users.

Noobs doesnt have any clue how FPS games works. What behaviour are natural which doesnt.
They die alot, and kill alot. So stats 30-30 are quite ok for them.

Advanced users - They have some idea about fps games. They rarely use hacks for aimbots. More like cruicial info - wallhacks. To know your position.
How to spot? Extremly hard to tell - they behave as skilled players. I.E. throwing nades for position which they coudlnt see...
U run in random direction, guy walks out and throw nade in front of you, while there is no chance he woudl know you will be there from normal player perspective - you didnt camped or stayed there more than 10secs. Etc.

What you can spot while watching kill cam?

He shoots to one target and then suddenly change target for about 20 degrees with instant move - effect shaking camera - Normal players never plays with extremely high mouse sensitivity.

Instant turnaround and shooting at you - Yes skilled players can do this easy. My sensitivity is set so i can easy do 180 turn and be ready to shoot - Point is - You not always have a chance to do it. Player using hacks will shoot you back almost instantly.. yes he can have lighting reflexes but...

Ever wondered why people shoot you while you are in position which is technically not able to spot you? Yes this might be skill or pure luck - but if you getting HS hiding behind burning car - no way to spot and triangle visibility - from about 100m - this stinks..

Obvious things like ppl starting shoot before they move out of cover ..

Most important - ever runned with your squad and saw ppl looking at walls? Yes at walls, while you are in corridor and normal players will look for entrance and backwards not searching for easter eggs on walls...

Soft hacks are worse than heavy aimbots. It ruin game for everyone.

In vehicles - i must say - Lots of ppl using this shit, in tanks or IFVs. - Killcam - Shaky aiming ... its so damn obvious.
Ever sitted as gunner in tank while your driver were aiming in 5 different directions in 3 seconds? Try to do it even with maxed sensitivity in tank...
Another exaple - driver aiming for jets.. jet shows in his FOV and stupid soft aiming for it - How to spot ? Driver shoot infantry and then suddenly change aiming for 45 degrees and aiming sky... LOL who normally do that?

What i can say right now ... there is really lots of ppl using this .. i woudl say more than 30%.

Lack of action from DICE/EA/PB effects with more spreading of this.. people doesnt care and even if they are - what they can be affraid of ? Stats reset? They regain it in less than 24h.

Regular players will left this game in more than 2 months tired of this constant ignorance of developers.

Pity, game is great, have nice potential but console oriented solutions and hacking all over place makes me think twice when im about to play more with next days.
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2011-12-27 09:48
just press Q!
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2011-12-27 09:56
The saddest thing is that even reporting doesn't take you anywhere since they just reset stats and don't ban. And that's the only thing thing from EA/DICE working but failing so much at the same time for now against cheating.

As long as there's no statement that explains how they are going to get rid lasting of this epidemic plague plus some following efforts I won't buy any DLC. Money seems to be the only language they understand and take seriously.
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2011-12-27 10:07
simply watch hacking videos then you learn what kind of hacks are out there and you can look for them in game if you find someone suspicious. Also stats are good thing if guys are getting 42-0 everytime I guess he has ESP or aimbot.

this one guy was "pro" cus he got 56-2 "w/o cheats" but after he got that twice in row I was sure he was cheater. EVEN if you're good you cant get those kind of stats in everyone has bad rounds and good ones so you cant get 50-2 every single round.... it's just not possible well it is if you camp 24/7 but he wasn't..
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eLpistolero209 said:
Maast0Nakk1 said:
Soli2de said:
I look at hackers' kill cam for signs of aimbot.
and how do you think you can see what he sees?
You are an idiot. Have you ever seen a aimbot in use before? I don't think you have.

Well fine sir. tell me how do you SEE that he uses aimbot? so what if he moves around in the "killcam" you dont see what he is aiming at :)

bobzimmerdylan said:
What I liked about COD was that I could observe other players through their eyes while they played. As an admin I used that a lot to catch hax. It was a very effective weapon against them. I don't know why they don't keep that option for all other games. There is a difference between an annyoingly good player and a shitty player who hacks.
Thats what im talking about, an actual killcam where u can see what he sees and watch where he aims etc.
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2011-12-27 14:57
if the kills greatly outnumber the deaths. 50/0 is a good guess. then there's something awfully suspicious. Be mindful that there ARE people who get good kdr's just by killing infantry with vehicles.
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Skunkchunks said:
This is a good thread but woefully under answered. After reading everything I STILL have no idea how to reliably spot a Hacker. I get the idea of ridiculous stats... but I'll be honest in that ANY time I see someone with upwards or 10 kills and ZERO deaths I tend to feel something isn't right.. These servers are just too full of people and it just doesn't SEEM possible to ME that ANYONE regardless of skill could manage that. Still, clearly some people are very fairly doing just that and I just don't wanna start point the finger at people for being better than me. I do however want to start busting peoples' balls for cheating in a meaningful and effective way so... could we get a real answer with explanations on HOW to do the things suggested? I.E... "I look at the hackers' kill cam for signs of aimbot" WHAT Killcam? How does one view this? I have looked and found nothing and would appreciate a bit more explanatory instructions (ie literally step by step on how to do what is suggested).

Giving examples of people that ARE cheaters does NOTHING to explain to someone how to SPOT a cheater (and by SPOT I don't mean SUSPECT, I mean KNOW) aside from the just egregiously obvious.

I don't know how to identify a cheater, and I don't want to point fingers at people that aren't and are just good.

But, one way I've tried is by identifying guys in the game that are of a lower rank, but yet they have some of the top weapons that shouldn't be unlocked to them til much later - with all the bells and whistles. I had one game where a guy who was only a 2 star rank had a Famas with Acog 4x optics, laser sight and foregrip. Now I know you can pick up weapons in game, but this dude was killed at least twice and even afterwards he killed me a couple times and everytime he still had that same weapon - so I usually look at guys like that. Plus his round stats were 43-6, which I also think is bordering on the ridiculously good.
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2012-02-08 21:58
play hardcore metro

use smoke to push into weird spots.. then just lie down in the middle of the enemies and see who comes to kill you
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You can't spot a good hacker... he will just be better and you can't watch him since there is no type of demo system in this game or anything to spectate!

In counter-strike we had demos (10 year old game) -- then you could get the demo, go offline with the hacks, turn them on (since the demo wouldn't show the hacks, the hack only showed on the player computer) so you had to download the hack yourself, and you could clearly see the person sees people through walls, following people aiming through walls, leading them off, all that..... it makes it obvious and unmistakable proof if you watch the demo they make with hacks overlapping on top of the demo. That's what the hacks usually do, overlap atop the game and do calculations really fast to aim precisely where everyone is at. Anyways.... that was another game.

But with BF3.... nope, we have a shitty killcam to detect with, which is basically useless as someone can toggle them on and off, if they are good and use their brain while hacking....
The only thing that ruins Battlefield (client side hit detection) ...... YOUTUBE.COM/watch?v=ADGJxFObiLM&hd=1
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2012-12-27 21:55
For those that want a real good example of a hacker. []

I found out, from EA, that hackers get investigated based on the number of people that have reported them. To get someone moved to the "front" for hacking, you need to pimp them out and have everyone, you can get, report them.
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2012-12-27 22:00
Stats look up.
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look for end of round lots of headshot ribbons or coins and NO SPOTTING COINS/RIBBONS
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farkhead said:
look for end of round lots of headshot ribbons or coins and NO SPOTTING COINS/RIBBONS

Your nickname suits you. Look at the date of the thread.
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