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Mouse Click Problem - HELP!!

CA Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2012-01-11 14:53
Heres the fix: don't play this PPS broken game.

The devs obviously never did, why should you?
SI Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2012-01-11 15:23
i could find only one solution. press ALT+ENTER during spawn window. this fix the problem, but its not a good solution.
its starting to piss me off. DICE FIX IT FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-01-11 15:30 , edited 2012-01-11 15:39 by JAFO1953
This bug is a major annoyance.

I first noticed this after the first patch. It happens to me and all of my friends at random times. Sometimes it's after a couple of maps, other times I can play and never have it happen. There is no pattern to when it will occur, nor does it seem to be specific to a certain kind of mouse.

I am currently using a G700, but some of my friends have had it happen using the G9, the G5, the R.A.T. 7 and the R.A.T. 9, the Razer Naga, the mamba and the Death Adder. It's just a pain in the butt.

Right clicking does not work, escape doesn't work, I found nothing that will restore the function if I stay connected to whatever server I happen to be playing on at the time the problem occurs. As others posted I can use the arrow keys to change spawn points, but I can't change class or modify the current load-out. The only thing that I have found that actually fixes it is to disconnect from the current server and the rejoin. When I rejoin the server, or go to a different one, the mouse works again. Depending on the map and how long the current game has been going on, I usually just play with the class I have, but if happens early in the map, I usually quit and rejoin.

I really wish EA/DICE would spend their time fixing things like this instead of making useless modifications to the weapons.
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Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-01-11 15:34
On my pc the mouse/KB has several settings which are customizable. I notice that periodically, the chosen mode will change for some reason and the mouse does not perform in the game. I just click on the game/mode and all is right.
Enlisted: 2011-11-26
2012-01-17 05:14
I have this same issue. I hope it gets fixed along with the litany of other bugs this game contains. It's one of the few with no known workaround which impacts play significantly.
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2012-01-17 05:23
I get this often, and how I clear it up is to simply press the tilde (console key ~) and left and right click really fast all together. After about 2 seconds, it usually clears up. Not sure what causes it, but that fixes it for me every single time.
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2012-02-05 06:05
Same problem as listed above.
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2012-03-30 14:36
same issue, I've contacted ea support as well but they are useless. if anyone knows a right solution please post?

Yes i know I'm necroing this post, but i dont give a ****, ill bump it each day if thats what it takes to get ea's attention!
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-03-30 14:42
Probably windows asking you for permission for BF3.exe or Punkbuster to access the internet.

Alt+Tab out of the game, click on what you need to, Alt+Tab back into the game.
Enlisted: 2012-01-12
2012-08-11 22:10
has two problems does not work the mouse to shoot and not setting a key on the keyboard. I tried installing twice and did not work!!!

in any vehicle or aircraft works perfectly shot.

began to give this problem after reinstalled the game that I downloaded from the internet



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2012-09-13 23:36
I find 80% of the time that logging out of that game, closing the Origin client, and relogging back in fresh will fix it. Seems to come back again if I leave the Battlelog page up with the Origin client idle while I go do other things and come back to play. Just leaving the game and coming back never seems to clear it for me. I too have tried different mice. I can tell it's going to happen if I get the loading screen for the game and have a mouse pointer while it's giving all the nice tips and showing me what map I'll be playing. No mouse pointer at that screen = joy. Mouse pointer = sadness.
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2012-12-13 07:03 , edited 2012-12-13 07:12 by coombass
yep have the same problem about time ea understood these things and did something about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after all we pay their wages right? if it was ea having this probem im quite sure it would be fixed in no time at all so do your best ea and dont ignore us were not all ignorant uneducated people with nothing to do with our lives but complain an gripe on about your mistakes which affect us badly and ruin your reputation which i think would be of the highest importance to a large company like yourselves ea fix the dodgy mouse syndrome before you lose customers and a fantastic reputation and a fantastic game which is for the best part unplayable to us trading standards may not listen but you can be sure the gamers of all ages will
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2013-02-05 01:51
Happens to me often and i find that i have the chat-bar open. Close it (Esc) and try.
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