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Something Went Wrong?

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2011-12-16 07:14
Just updated The game and I now apparently own the new Back to Karkand Expansion Pack...However I cannot find anything in the game about it?? Where is it what is it and why dont I have it if I just installed it.. Also when I try to play BF3 Origin Game Manager shuts it down and tells me "something went wrong" what is going here or should I just go back to MW3????
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2011-12-16 07:19 , edited 2011-12-16 07:56 by DeathZero34
you can try couple of things. (none of them are guaranteed to work).

-make sure your firewall allow origin AND bf3. Also pay attention if your anti-Virus like Avast posses a web shield type thing.
-Try it 3-4 time to join the same server. (I personally will ALWAYS get kick 3 time before "allowed" to get in)
-make sure you installed the plugging for battlelol
-in the origin game library, you can attempt to right click your game and repair it.

Also this might be the answer you will get from others:
-get a better computer
-go back to MW
-you suck
-My game work fine it must be you
-I'm to tired to think of something else

Hope it help

Came back to put some more options

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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.