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MCOM Defender Ribbon/Medal

US Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2012-12-22 23:19
squad rush is easier for this. even with less people arming the objective, i was still getting more ribbons for the match. just find a high ticket count game and camp it.
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GB Enlisted: 2012-01-16
2012-12-22 23:29
They are slow to pick up on console if you are not aiming to get the flag - ideally you are looking at two methods:

1) support with C4 and wait for them to start to arm the MCOM
2) recon with Tugs, utilise an sks, and pick offf enemies as they come to arm. I recon better than you assault.
AR Enlisted: 2012-01-06
2012-12-24 02:21 , edited 2012-12-24 02:25 by Afuuuuh
Hey! Ive just unlocked the MCOM Defender Medal yesterday.
Its a hard one, but not impossible..

My advices:

-Use C4 in?/on? the objectives
-Play on METRO
-If you get tired because C4 gives no results, try camping with a OP weapon (M16, AEK), and kill them while they're planting.
-Dont place more than 3 C4 packs in?/on? each objective

Sorry for my spelling, good luck!

PS: I unlocked Rambo Assignment too with this metod! ;)
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