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You Mean European Cup...?

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2012-01-31 16:58
Digital_Maffia said:
Would be nice to know why Canada and USA are not in the Nations cup. There's plenty of good players who would like be a part of it. Suppose you were afraid of losing to us Canucks or Americans? Lol just seems weird to not include two of the bigger Countries.

Would be great to have a Mod reply as to why they are not.

Aint it funny how the world series of baseball is only played in US and Canada?? Sux hey..!!
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2012-02-01 08:25
stalkinshadow said:
e-sports are for fat kids without jobs
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2012-02-03 11:07
I'm not terribly surprised. Gaming between the EU countries is rather close-knit, in the same way that gaming between the states in the US and Canda's provinces is pretty close knit. While Australia or South Africa aren't from the EU, I think it's fair as the sort of odd-mans out on this one they're more likely to sign on with a predominatetly EU affair than an American one.

I would imagine that upon seeing that it was going to be a mostly EU represented competition that most of the clans on this side of the atlantic lost interest. Also, if the servers were going to be mostly in Europe, that's just another nail in the coffin for that idea. As far as I can tell most of the clans in the US and Canada are more interested in playing against each other anyway.

TLDR: US and Canada weren't interested in a mostly EU competition. Game on.
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2012-02-07 12:42
US and Canada were too disorganised to get their own team together. End of story.

Servers isn't an issue, it's just some crap excuse - last week Australia played Russia for the 2 rounds, one was played on an Australian server, and the other on a Russian server, so there's no unfair lag issues. Pings weren't too bad either, even when playing on the other teams home turf.
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