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How to Win, Kill & Score without Elite Gun Skills

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2012-02-20 20:50
A lot of people seem to think that you need lightning reflexes or pinpoint accuracy to excel at Battlefield 3. However, the beauty of this game is that you can often rule the battlefield simply by using smart strategies.

Below you'll find a video showing a regular Conquest match where I PTFO to victory, with a positive KDR and high SPM ... while losing every head-on encounter. However, by playing it smart, I stay on top despite my mediocre gun skills. I hope this video can serve both as an inspiration and a learning tool for players struggling to find their groove in this game. []

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

Q: Are you a girl?
A: Yes - And that said, I won't be answering any questions/comments related to that. I've tried ignoring or glossing over this, but a lot of people keep asking, so there you go. Thanks for understanding :)
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2012-02-20 20:57
Great video - keep them coming!
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2012-02-20 21:05
Nice video.Thanks for posting.
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2012-02-20 21:25
will u marry me ? lol great video
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2012-02-20 21:30
Good job, nice to see I am not the only one applying these intelligent flag strategies and getting wins as a result, although with randoms it seems like it.
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D4rk-Symmetry said:
A lot of people seem to think that you need lightning reflexes or pinpoint accuracy to excel at Battlefield 3. However, the beauty of this game is that you can often rule the battlefield simply by using smart strategies.

To excel at this game, yes I do believe you need rather good reflexes and similarly rated accuracy. But that's on top of what you listed as well. Having a great objective mindset, constant situational awareness, and decent gun skills will do help you succeed, but it will only get you so far. Being able to take on those 1v1 fights (or 1 v X) will absolutely help your team dominate a match.

And things like gun choice, especially on a map like Kharg, matter. Why did you chose the AS Val?
A) Since you were doing a bunch of lone wolf gameplay, Assault or Engineer would have been a better choice I would think. Assault for quick recovery and strong ARs. Eng for decent guns and strong AT weaponry.
B) Short range weapons are a bad idea, especially if you're going to be running in the open.

If you are going to be playing smart, I would suggest you take the time to check out Symthic - BF3 Charts [] for a whole lot of damage breakdowns and other useful information.
Similarly: []

Non-the-less, not bad. I would suggest for a future video like this that you do like 1-2 minute long segments where you show how to/how not to do things.
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2012-02-20 21:36
If you apply these tactics with good reflexes you are the born BF player.Problem is most people don't care about infantry gameplay on conquest and focus on vehicles and wait the whole match to crash their jets and helicopters.It is ok if you do it on PC but now on Xbox or PS3...
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2012-02-20 21:41
great video! awsome to see some one that plays the excact same way that i do, except u thinkg bout it:P but that might be cuz ur talkin bout it 2:P
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2012-02-20 22:40
Nice tutorial. I wish more ppl PTFO! I'm basically your OBJECTIVE denier, not only do I PTFO, but I will also set land mine traps to keep them longer when I leave, including C4 in high traffic area's. And I know that you know, Thermal Optics helps blow these traps away, but not always. I'm still getting kills, so not everyone is using said gadget. I also, when possible use the Attack Helo to grab objectives by roof hopping with it, unless I'm really focused on this usually works. I use the shore for very low/fast flying to avoid detection/lock-on's. We have been having great success using laser designation/targeting as well on this map.
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2012-02-20 22:50
@Blak & Frej: Thank you :)

@Rise: okay, that made me laugh. :)

@obnoxious: Glad to hear it!

@Tactics: I completely agree with you :) My goal is more to take a different angle and take the focus off of pure motor skills, especially as this aspect seems to frustrate a lot of people. At the same time, yes, better accuracy and aim will always benefit you. Apart from that, my use of the AS Val, was a total experiment and coincidence. I'm trying to get to know all weapons, and when I try out a weapon, I just play a few maps with them no matter what they might be. Symthic's website is great, and I've studied the stats there quite a bit, but when playing, I often like to experiment and get an idea of how a gun "feels". I guess my disclaimer is: this just happened to turn out to be a good match to illustrate the points I was trying to make. You are completely right that the AS val is a horrible choice for this map, however. Thank you for the well thought out feedback. :)

@Greekguy: I'm fine with people playing however they want (as long as it's not cheating/glitching). I only intend these videos to help people tat are interested in this type of info :)

@Ozzeos: Maybe it's a Dutch thing? ;-)

@Sol: Thank you :) I'm not much of defender or chopper pilot. I just love running for those flags ;-)
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2012-02-20 23:14
your other video (BF3: Game Plan: How to Learn from the Battlefield) is very good and informative,

btw you sound like a 12 yr old pre-pubscent boy
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2012-02-20 23:27
I enjoyed the video and I enjoy your channel. You bring something fresh to BF3 videos on Youtube. Keep up the good work!
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2012-02-21 00:28
Spot on D-S! At last, a proper post in the Battlefield forums, which doesn't degenerate into arguments over who's stats qualify them to expound brainlessly about nothing! There are some great BF3 communities out there, but it's so hard to find them unless you visit specific clan websites (& even that's a 50-50 chance, I reckon?!). It's a shame, as there's so much to be gained from proper disussions & so this thread has given me hope for the BF community at large.
One of the things that makes this game so cool is that you needn't outshoot someone, as you point out. It's actually rather more pleasing when you outmanouvre or outthink somebody! It really doesnt matter how good some player's aim is, if you shoot them in the back!! Many new players find it hard going at first, but if you join a squad, support your teammates as best you can & start to learn the maps & use the terrain & cover to your advantage, you'll find that there's nothing quite as satisfying as ouitwitting some hotshot & filling his back full of lead!!
That's what these CoD part-timers dont seem to understand; stats mean f**k-all in this game & anybody can have a lot of fun. There's always some moment which sticks in the mind after each session playing, so don't get disheartned newbies (all too easily done when many idiots are simply abusive to newcomers, rather than squading up with them & encouraging them to play the objectives with you. A true Elite Battlefielder is somebody who can take other starting players into their squad & help them both learn & enjoy themselves & so respect is due for your video here. If only there were more players like you, willing to invest in other's enjoyment, this would be a much richer community,everybody would benefit & we'd all enjoy our Battlefielding more.
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2012-02-21 01:01
Great video and commentary! I'll watch the previous ones tomorrow. =)

Just so you know, the AS Val has a built in suppressor:

"The AS VAL is an integrally suppressed Soviet designed Assault Rifle developed for use in the Spetsnaz. Chambered for a special high performance armor piercing 9x39mm round, the AS VAL includes mounts for using optical, red dot or even night vision scopes. The VAL is designed to be fired only with the suppressor attached, and therefore prevents the rifle from mounting underslung attachments."
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2012-02-21 01:16
well done with the video.
Perhaps I should show this to my sister and hopefully she will chance her mind and play BF with me instead playing Call of Pussy ^^.
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2012-02-21 04:04
You might have already answered this somewhere but: are you a girl?
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LOL read 1st post JOSH LOL


@ Darksymetry

I don't see why you had to die with that C4/tank

also you said that your mistake is you're firing a silenced gun, which is wrong, since AS val is silenced, by default

and yes tank = 2 c4s unless they have reactive armor on. (1 c4 = 50% damage on health) DOES NOT , matter when you put it , rear,,side,front
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2012-02-21 14:18
@artist: Thank you :)

@Falcon: I appreciate the kind words, thank you :) I'm struggling a little with the negativity myself. I know I should just ignore it all, but it's a skill I need to perfect. Getting some positive feedback like this is really nice :)

@Howl: Thank you, and yes, I made a mistake with AS VAL. Apologies :)

@Sibob: lol, yeah, CoD is good practice for aiming ;-)
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2012-02-21 14:40
Your videos are really good. I actually found myself thinking the other day "There's a lot of resistance at that flag, I should just try someplace else", whereas I often end up banging my head against the same brick wall that killed me last time.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure C4 stays for a few seconds after you die. You can try to get further away from the tanks, then if you do get killed, just detonate as soon as you respawn. I'm not positive about that, but I do seem to remember doing it once or twice.
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2012-02-21 16:09
I like the focus on time as a resource (a.k.a. “tempo” or “momentum”).
It always seems to be the resource that nobody thinks of, but IMO it's the most important one.
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