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What is not a Noob weapon

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2012-02-24 12:58 , edited 2012-02-24 13:02 by Paralyz3d
I would like to know what is not a noob weapon, no matter what I use or others use I always see in chat M249 noob, tank noob, M16 noob, and so on. So what is not a noob weapon so i will not be a noob.

Bet there is none because someone is always gonna call someone a noob because they died. For example was play Caspain Birder the other day and this same guy kept killing me with a tank, it was only about 20 players on the server, and none of my team was using vehicles half were snipers, so I get a tank when I spawn at base and I disable him and he disables me along with a Jav hit, he jumps out and I jump out of the tank as well, and shoot him with a G53. What comes up in chat, oh there is only 10 on 10 and you need a tank to kill me you noob. ROFL. I don't play vehicles alot I like being a foot soldier unless I see a tank at a flag capped and don't want the enemy to get it, don't fly at all just gun if needed, vehicles just seem to be magnets to get killed.
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2012-02-24 13:00
Why do you care?
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2012-02-24 13:02
And you care because? Anything that kills them is a noob weapon to these kids.
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2012-02-24 13:03
Anything that kills your opponent, even a knife.
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2012-02-24 13:03
Your Fists!
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Mugon-M-Musashi said:
Why do you care?

i really don't, just tired of the stupid comment in a game so I hide the chat box always, knowing it effects the team play. Because you look at it everytime it pops up thinking the team is telling you something important and it is someone cursing someone out for killing them or noob rant.
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2012-02-24 13:03
knife only
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2012-02-24 13:05
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2012-02-24 13:07
The ones whining are the noobs. You are actually pro if you use the best weapons of the game.
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2012-02-24 13:08
respond back : "i am so offended lol" but yeah dont care about there noobs irl as well
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Yeah, I usually respond with "i know" or "thanks" or "ok" or silence.

Many times I even respond when they call someone else a noob :P
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BF3 doesn't have any noob weapons, the only OP thing is the engine which constantly lets people get instakilled :P

edit: actually....A Mk11 with bipod and x12 scope...that's nooby
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2012-02-24 13:09
A penknife and a sharpened matchstick. Every thing else is noobish.
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2012-02-24 13:17
basically if you stand on one leg cover one eye and use a gun that takes 5 headshots to get a kill someone might not take offence to the way you killed them..

basically i dont give a flying foook about what other think of the guns i use and neither should you.

Its the problem with the small minded low skill loser who doesnt like the way you killed them.. its not like you made a gun yourself and hacked it into the game .. so if it isnt the tactical nuke from Mw2 the moaner should stfu
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2012-02-24 13:19
"Bad Luck" is not a n00b, he's l33t!

He can kill you anywhere at the map, at any time, and in any way!
AU Enlisted: 2011-11-18
2012-02-24 13:20
Everything is a Noob weapon
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2012-02-24 13:33
MP7 is universally recognised ad the most macho weapon ever so, there you go.
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2012-02-24 13:35
Only noobs call things noob.
AU Enlisted: 2011-12-02
2012-02-24 13:36
M416 isn't a noob weapon
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2012-02-24 13:37
Knife, AED, An94, G3 and ofcourse the L85a2
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