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BF3 teamspeak plugin. Server owners please read~

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2012-02-25 06:46 , edited 2012-02-25 06:51 by MorbidD3sire
I came across this []

This server-side plugin basically makes Teamspeak and Battlefield work together to make u automatically join ur squad in ur own teamspeak 3 room.

If we can get servers to use this we could totally stop QQing about VOIP for PC and ruin DICE's "business" with ESN (the ppl who created voice chat on battlelog which prevented us from having VOIP.)

Please, try this out and spread the word D:

There are already 6 servers using this but no one is online playing on them... Just type in search bar "teamsync" and have your teamspeak 3 opened, client plugin installed, and teamsync server joined.

P.s. For some reason I feel that if we had in-game VOIP, all the wannabe trolls in this game would make it a nightmare for us, since the game has more wannabe trolls than team players... Even if a mute button was there >.>

also, it would just make people go "QQ BAN DUMB VOIP TROLLS EARR@PING 5H!T FEATURE BAD AAAA rage quit."
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2012-02-25 06:49
Hey MorbidD3sire!

Good Thread! :)
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Edit: Can't believe nobody's replying for VOIP lol...
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2012-02-25 07:15
Looks pretty good... although if you have to download and join TS, then you might aswell just use it normally with a clan.

But good work though.
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2012-02-25 07:29
Some people are too lazy to join clans for some reason x.x
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2012-05-06 06:18
how do i get teamspeak
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2013-07-19 16:37
voip nice now we can kick a**
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