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PnkBstrA.exe (punkbuster kick from server) solved

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2012-02-27 19:07
It seems the automatic punkbuster installer doesnt install correctly. The main problem is that it doesnt do the PnkBstrB.exe and PnkBstrA.exe files to C:\windows\wowsys64 (windows 7). So you have to install it manually.

here is the link for the manual punkbuster installation: []

-open and click next :D

Have fun with bf3
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2012-04-04 03:23
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2012-06-14 09:08
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2012-06-14 09:10
Yer I also had to do this couple days ago.
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2012-09-20 18:56
Same i had to do it aswel.
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2012-09-20 19:58
Thx dude it seems to work!
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2012-09-20 20:45
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2012-10-09 16:47
thank you bro
CA Enlisted: 2012-08-08
2012-10-09 16:50
ame here got booted for some md5tool what ever.. went oout and down loaded the bf3 specific pb files and so far ok
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2013-03-07 15:40
god dammit :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((:(:(:(
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2013-04-27 19:44
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2013-07-05 12:31
Thanks !!!
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2013-07-05 12:33
An easier way is to just do this it does all the tests and installs.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3 it's in there "pbsvc" double click on it

do the top of the two tests wait to finish then try game again.
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2013-07-05 21:07
thanks :)
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2013-07-07 13:31
what happens if u have windows 8, I keep getting kicked for this reason
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2013-07-18 19:12 , edited 2013-07-18 19:16 by wowmaster777
I get kicked a lot by PunkBuster for Service Communication errors like "initialization failed" or "heartbeats stopped" or "0 minutes", how do I fix that?

Download this first : []

Step:2 (if necessary)**
Follow the steps below

If you run some type of personal firewall or security software, make sure that you configure it to fully allow our services, especially PnkBstrA.exe. These kicks are most often caused by our PnkBstrA.exe service failing to properly install our PnkBstrB.exe service during gameplay. Also, several Windows 7 users have reported that the following steps corrected the issue for them: 1) login as an Administrator user, 2) open Windows Explorer and browse to c:\windows\system32 (or wherever the windows folder is on your machine) - note: if you run Windows 7 64 bit, you need to browse to c:\windows\syswow64 instead, 3) scroll down and find PnkBstrA.exe, 4) right-click PnkBstrA.exe and choose Properties, 5) click the Compatiblity tab, 6) click the button at the bottom of the window that reads "Change settings for all users", 7) click the checkbox for "Run this program as an administrator", 8) click the "Ok" buttons to accept the changes and get back out.

Step:3 (if necessary)**

Check for updates through the following link [] add BF3 the press update...

Hope it helps...

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2013-07-23 21:42
Como eu faço pra jogar online ?
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2013-07-24 04:19
thanks man
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2013-07-31 00:02
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2013-08-07 13:42
Thanks so much::))))))))))))))))
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