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FIX Number 1

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2012-03-08 21:12 , edited 2012-06-23 11:35 by ooKALLEoo
Turn UPnP off as many player writes

Turn off UPnP Service: modem / router

Find your ip address
1. Go kommandprompten (cmd)
2. writes, ipconfig
3. Search: default gateway.
Usually it is or or or or similar.
4. Open internet browser, and type the default gateway ip address in there:, http:// or similar.
your modem / router is probably password protected
google: modem / router, name + password
some is: admin - admin or netgear is admin - password

It is important that you do it In windows to.

Turn off UPnP Service: In windows
1. Press start
2. write: services.msc Then press enter
3. In the list of services: scroll down to, host to UPnP Device
4. right click on, UPnP Device deactivate/stop it
5.service "SSDP Discovery to

restart pc


It is very important to open ports

Have you tried enabling these ports [] ?

look in your router/modem manual how to do Port Forwarding
or call your ISP (to see if they are open)
or with PFConfig it is very easily. download select modem/router and games. and it does it for you []

(Set Origin to run as administrator. NOT bf3 )
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2012-03-08 21:23
Turning my off didn't fix it.
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Your problem is PunkBuster ??

try []
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2012-03-08 22:04
Tried every solution in there
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2012-03-08 22:14
Game disconnected: something went wrong.
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2012-03-09 03:21
I've tried this and other solutions suggested and none worked.
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2012-03-09 03:21 , edited 2012-03-09 03:22 by Eiluaq
nevermind, i didn't read properly

but yes, disabliing UPnP worked for me, after 4 weeks of "Game disconnected" this was the only solution to work.
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its EA master server and latency,, basically good ole "you were disconnected from EA online", they dont give enough milli seconds to ping back.

this problems been around for years or since bc2 anyway, it could be bad console porting?

Anyway no one seems to care to fix it and ive had it since day one.
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2012-03-09 03:26 , edited 2012-03-09 03:27 by ghostofmerc
i was playing fine today,decided to go back in a few min ago..the servers arent even pinging like they should for me and when i try to join..DOHHHHH it either says server is rotating map or it just keeps saying loading server in wich it does nothing

and my up thinger is already disabled i didnt have to mess with it.Hell i shouldnt have to mess with it because i was playing jsut fine 30 min or so ago..hour tops
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2012-03-09 03:41
Has been a problem with EA server battlelog lag and server lag Today . player was thrown out
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2012-03-10 11:20
disabling ssdp service will automatically disable uPnP device host as the latter is a dependant of the former (check the dependancies tab), also note that ssdp discovery service scans your network looking for uPnP devices .... the bonjour sevice, loaded with apple itunes etc. also provides similar functions ...
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2012-03-18 14:14 , edited 2012-03-18 14:14 by xFIip
doesnt work
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2012-03-19 01:43
I have the solution to ur problem and its so easy worked 100% i a sure u, the only thing u have to do after the match done is windows + D and wait till the countdown to the next map finish and go back to the game u will c the next map is loaded, and u all welcome
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2012-03-19 04:16
Tried everything I could find on the net, but nothing helped. I spend 15-20mins to load a map. When I try to run the game and origin as admin, it doesn't launch at all.
This is just plain bullshit!
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2012-03-22 03:36
Damn it, I read all this to find out none of it works! Well, I'm glad to hear we're gonna pay for expansions for a game that's still broke. This is the most expensive beta I've ever played...
...what a long, strange trip it's been...
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2012-03-22 03:50
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2012-03-22 13:09
There is no real lag fix to the game i personally have had no lag issues from beta all the way through the patches until the most recent patch came out then i had issues with lag i think it has something to do with there new frostbite engine or the ea servers cause i remember awhile back they said they was having all kinds of issues with there servers.
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2012-03-28 04:16
cant even do it because it doesnt even show me "UPnP Service". only "UPnP host" and im not taking this risk in hope i can play this game without lags. they should fix this mess from the beginning on. im sick and tired to look around the net to find an answer to my problem. i have better things to do with my time then this.
DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-03-28 13:37
stop UPnP host
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2012-04-12 20:07
tried all and then some over last few months (new MB/RAM Graphics all high Spec) still major stutter issue that can give me headache after 30 mins so sad wanted this game to work. I actually got MW3 today and it runs with no issues what so ever...not the game I wanted but sadly next best.
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