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Backup Patch / Move Patch Between Computers

US Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2012-03-24 03:00
How to move most of the patch from a completely up to date BF3 installation to an unpatched BF3 installation:

1. On the patched installation, copy the following items from the Battlefield 3 installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 3)
- the "Update" folder
- the "version.json" file
2. Rename "version.json" to "version.json_DiP_STAGED". Do the same thing for every file in the Update folder and its subdirectories. (Don't rename any of the folders, though.) I highly recommend using a batch renaming utility such as Denis Koslov's ReNamer: []
3. Open the unpatched copy of BF3 and let the update start. (So it can be ready to accept the files prepared in step 2)
4. Close the update window, then Quit Origin by right clicking the tray icon.
5. On the unpatched installation, open the Battlefield 3 installation folder and delete the newly created "Update" folder and the "version.json" file.
6. Paste the renamed patch files from the patched installation into the unpatched installation's BF3 installation folder.
7. Launch the unpatched installation. The update progress should be about 97%. After downloading the remaining 200MB or so, the unpatched installation should be completely patched.
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2012-03-24 12:48
I wish I'd known about this last weekend, I had the folder backed up, but still had to redownload the 4gb again after a complete HD wipe and reinstall of windows and BF3....didn't know about the file renaming.
PL Enlisted: 2012-05-11
2012-05-12 20:42
Leifftw, you, Sir, win +1000000 internets. Works like charm, took a 10 min to rename all files but its surely less time and hours of DLing 4.5GB patch. Cheeeeeers!
SK Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-06-11 10:09
It will work if i copy update from 32 bit Win to 64 bit? Thanks
CA Enlisted: 2012-08-03
2012-09-08 22:57
This can also be done using power shell. Here's how:

1. open powershell and move to the copy of the update folder.
2. issue the following command.
ls -R | where {-Not $_.PSIsContainer} | Rename-Item -NewName {$ + "_DiP_STAGED"}
^1. ^2. ^3. ^4.

The above command explained:
1. This lists(ls) the files recursively(-R).
2. This excludes directories for the list of files passed into Rename.
3. This command does what you think.
4. This switch to the Rename command sets the filename. $ corresponds to the
original filename and here we add(+) "_DiP_STAGED" to each filename.

In the above command the verticle bar | or pipe character is used to "pipe" the output of one command
into another.
Enlisted: 2011-12-29
2012-11-05 01:30
You, sir, are my hero. I can only thank you.
TW Enlisted: 2012-09-25
2012-12-05 15:15
sir , you are my hero too! Thank you!
ZA Enlisted: 2011-11-16
2012-12-05 19:08
Is this method working with the new patch?
AU Enlisted: 2011-12-24
2013-03-09 23:19
+1 legend status to you sir.
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