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nuff said
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Wait 3 seconds? Run away in 3 seconds? Did I nail it?
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What do you mean? How do you use it, or how do you fight against it?

I use it all the time, it's the better of the two primary defensive measures by far if used properly.

In general you ALWAYS need to get the drop on the other chopper, by this I mean starting locking on first. Chopper dog fights really do boil down to this tedious point, given two pilots of equal skill, the one locking on first will win. Well, it really isn't that simple to be honest which I'll get to, but basically, to use the ECM, start locking, once locked fire 1 rocket, just one, if the other pilot is using flares wait till the flares dissipate then drop the second rocket, while doing this you should pop your ECM after 2 beeps of the other pilot locking on to you.

Right as you pop your second rocket drop your nose and fly straight towards the other chopper so you fly under it, if done right you'll fly out of range of the other chopper and his second lock will drop before he gets a full lock on, as you drop under him, time it right and swing the heli round so you're facing backwards, let inertia drag you along the same trajectory and push on the throttle fully, you'll come up behind him and catch him as he's turning to get a lock on, but you've already got the drop on him for the second time, so follow with the same technique.

Rinse and repeat.

If he's also using ECM you play it slightly differently, you simply have to make sure you're beginning to lock on first, force him to drop ECM and match his flight pattern, keep him level and in sights, drop your ECM right at the last second, depending on range, if he's a medium to long distance away, this will be just as he fires the rockets, the ECM seems to make rockets miss, i don't know if this is intentional it might get patched, but right now it works. If he's close range, pop them right before he gets a lock on.

Due to basic timing, if you make him pop first, you can unload both rockets as soon as you get a lock and you'll kill him before he gets a chance to fire at you. Sometime it only disables the vehicle, in which case you need to do the same, fly towards and under him as soon as you've fired the rockets and come up behind, this'll stop him being able to lock on to you.

Read the situation, get a feel for the rhythms that play out and the timings of things, judge distance and most importantly the other pilot, what is his play style, what techniques does he use... so on and so forth.
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