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PS3 Server R13 / X360 Server R11 release: Apr 19th

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2012-05-01 08:38
Get individual map ticketing, and fix the damn client, so that euro vs euro matches are not laggy like hell. Everytime I play against another german he lags like hell on a european server. that suck so hard, especially on wake island,
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2012-05-01 13:33
nadoki4real said:
it is obvious that some weapons are over powered and some underpowered because of how DICE has scaled them. take the rpg for example...if you have done it before or watched someone do it... youll know with one shot it takes down the helis which are surposed to be amored.... you might think, its no bigie but where the problem is, is where that same rpg cannot take down a cluster of people in the locker rooms on op. metro, you get a kill and several assists on a good day you get 2 kills? now tell me how that is balanced, a one shot take down with an rpg on an armored heli and just one kill on enemy infantry. for the love of realism which battlefield strives to attain as we all know. why would a rocket have a very small blast radius and damage effect on enemy infantry to armored vehicles.
--------------if you dont still get me, then wait till they release the new cq maps and new shot guns and watch everyone spam the shotguns cause its the fastes way to kill. they will spam those along side the m320, the m26 dart and so on.. tell me how that would be fun.

I agree. An RPG that takes down an armored chopper in one shot should be able to clear a entire room of all occupants in a single shot. But if DICE tweak it for more realism, the same complaining players will ask DICE to nerf it because they're getting kill by it. It's a no win situation. The only problem I had before the patch was that in-game chat wasn't working. For a team base game, that was a real handicap. But if DICE keep modifying the game, at one point in time, the complainers will ask DICE to handicap the players that are good pilots because they're getting kill too often by them ( ok, maybe i'm pushing it a bit ). Players work with what they have, as I did, as many others did. Glitches affect everybody. Walking through walls and things like that needs to be fix. With a weapon being too powerful or under-power should make a player change or at least tweak his strategy (or swap weapon). Complainers should not ask DICE to modify / adjust weapons because they don't want to change their strategy. That's all i'm saying. My last post might of been a little bit too harsh.
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2012-05-01 17:54
ptowndrew said:
bought a new disc today. Still have the same problem....spawning with no weapons.....Why isn't this getting fixed????????????

hip2b22 said:
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2012-05-02 20:30
More official servers needed!!!!

Sick to death of being kicked because i'm not part of a clan, or its a training server or even because you are kicking someones arse!!! And who really wants to play 500% tickets operation metro 24/7 ?????
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Awesome news. April 19th...wait...what?
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2012-05-03 06:42
Dice would you please allow those who don't want to play in someones server to have a normal server with normal map rotations...I'm really sick of player the same maps with 1000 tickets servers!!!!!
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2012-05-03 10:52
DICE does not care...unless of course you rent a server or buy all upgrades...send them $100 and they will reply to a complaint.
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2012-05-03 16:09
we want mav impact back n it not to die….but im not interested in riding it…im fine with it dying after hitting other vehicles
Hi there
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2012-05-03 18:59
MikaelKalms said:
We will deploy an update to all BF3 console game servers on Thursday April 19th. This update is addressing some gameplay bugs that have been reported since the latest big client+server update.

Starting at 10:00 UTC, game servers will be updated one by one. As part of the update, each game server will restart once (and kick out the players currently on it). The entire update process will likely take some hours.

The master servers will remain available; Battlelog will remain available.

* Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds
* Fixed TV Missile doing much more damage than it should (it is no longer a 1-hit kill)
* Tweaked tank armor strength
* MAV elevatoring fix, round 2; proning on the MAV will now disable it
* Game server stability fixes

M26 Mass fix would be great, too many kids abusing the hell out of it...
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2012-05-03 20:15
cool i should make a server with the same name so other people will think its yours lol
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2012-05-03 20:52
You guys NEED!! More servers perhaps like the old straight forward conquest maps both b2k and classic cycle like it used to be.
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2012-05-04 01:55
dumb and dumber...24/7 CQ

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2012-05-04 02:16
Anyone need a Platoon
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2012-05-05 23:32
alexmcph said:
buddyfreakind said:
Any chance of region locking the servers or at least adding a ping restriction?
I think this is extremely important. Its only gotten worse with rented servers as the search function seems to ignore region, not that the majority used it before anyway :( Ppl blame servers and hit detection, but lets start with getting all players in one country/region duhh.

This is the only thing truly wrong with this game, weapon bugs aside.

I wish EA would stop stealing away all of the servers, just like they do less than a year after every single BF console release. Except this time, rather than sacrificing them for newer titles, they are actually trying to SELL THEM BACK TO US. Has no one else realized this yet? The rental servers aren't a fan service, they are an underhanded attempt at profiting from naive customers by selling them back less of what they already had.

With far fewer servers available (EA has only sold back a small percentage of the total cache of "stolen" servers) and with the continuing growth of the BF3 population- EA has increased the ping limits to console servers in the rental server update, as well as fudged the latency bars in game to compensate (what was 2-3 bars, is now 4 bars, etc). This has caused the latency compensation to $#!7 the bed at an astonishing level, rendering most 1 on 1's a coin toss over who has the worst connection.

Countermeasures being rendered completely useless, to the stuttering, the freezing, the late kill trading, sponging, "bending bullets" and all of the rest of theses "issues" that popped up in the last update, are all due to the server's inability to keep players in sync with each other. It can't do this because the disparity in latency among players in any given lobby is unacceptable.

It only takes one or two players with a high ping to completely trash a server. Now, if people weren't so ignorant as to join a distant server, the problem wouldn't be as bad. Though, I'm fairly certain that quite a few people are already well aware of this lag comp fiasco and how to capitalize upon it, so they intentionally inflate their latency or join distant servers to reap the benefits of lagging. All the while making 23 other people who likely had the decency or sense to join a local server miserable. While most are likely just morons, clueless to effect latency has in an online shooter.

"but there aren't any servers anywhere close to my region, I have no choice!" - Simple, stop playing the game and petition EA to stop shafting you. Why anyone would want to have "fun" (and I wouldn't exactly call playing in a 500ms+ server fun) at the expense of nearly two dozen other players is beyond me. Then again, I'm not a selfish troll. Cheers!
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2012-05-06 01:35
I must have a different game. When I use the server browser, over half of the browsers arent full, and frequently over on third are empty. It's true that if you let the game choose your browser, you may end up in one you don't like. But if you use the browser, you can choose the one you want. Most don't have any special rules, and many are pretty permanent, thanks to some dedicated players. I've found three or four that are almost always up and mostly full, usually room for one or two more, that I like and enjoy. About the MAV's. I don't miss the elevatoring. I wouldn't miss the roadkilling for sure. I do think they have been nerfed in height and deployment to the point they are useless for spotting. Elevatoring and roadkilling is about the only use left for them.
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2012-05-06 06:22
Every time I go to RENT A SERVER I get this "There is no content avaliable for download at this time. Please Try again later"
Does anyone know what gives here? Is my game glitched or are they really out of all the servers? I am using PS3 Version
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2012-05-06 09:05
what about the m26 and the RPK you bunch of useless devs? SMFH DICE
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2012-05-06 16:57
m26 dart fix?? OH WAIT, LET MEH GUESS: "We currently aware of this bug and are trying to find a fix to it, Please be patient and wait for bug to be fixed" Also the heatseekers?? Way to OP against jets and helis.....1 hit disable on jets?? Fuck off.....
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2012-05-06 18:50
Region lock please.
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2012-05-06 19:45
Region lock please.
stfu please... thnx
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