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PS3 Server R13 / X360 Server R11 release: Apr 19th

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2012-04-18 20:05
Sweet! Tanks guys. I haven't seen anyone glitching the mav and as of yet ps3 not had a massive issue with m26 dart cheats.
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2012-04-18 20:17
PSN-Hot-Wire said:
MaximusAres said:
PSN-Hot-Wire said:
The attachment glitch is probably most pertinent at the moment although the round 2 on mav elevatoring glitch is very much needed.

Also what has been tweaked with tank armor?
the no gun glitch makes it so you don't have a gun and it stays at the loading screen forever with only the box flashing makes the game unplayable and happens every time and doesn't go away i think attachment problem is minor in comparison
Well maybe to you, but 1 problem is wide spread while the other is not. If it was, you'll see the no gun glitch spammed all over the front page.

Alot of people get it confused with the b2k gun glitch their are a lot of threads about it and its for my friend my system is fine
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2012-04-18 20:40
If TV missiles are getting nerfed, are they at least getting an upgrade in control? They handle like molasses!

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2012-04-18 20:44
Disappointed to not see the M26 Dart glitch being fixed. It's really irritating...
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2012-04-18 20:51
front page?
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2012-04-18 20:55
I'd like for the SOFLAM to be fixed. When you're in it, it will lock onto anything (Even empty vehicles) if it's even at the corner of your screen. When you're not controlling it, enemy vehicles have to pass DIRECTLY through it's crosshairs to be locked on, and it doesn't hold the lock if the enemy moves away.

On that note, locking on to empty vehicles should be removed entirely.
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2012-04-18 20:57
I'd like to hear specifics about what's being done to tank armor. Heavy tanks? Light tanks? Buff? Nerf?
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2012-04-18 21:06
how about getting rid of the laser painter+guided missles?
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2012-04-18 21:17
Uh Very nice
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2012-04-18 21:18
how about letting people play on something other than rented servers. Too many game nazis out there and I'm just wanting to play like normal.
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2012-04-18 21:20
I hope you guy's give us back some regular hardcore servers that are not mixed.....and for all modes too....
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2012-04-18 21:20
Cato1978v2 said:
how about letting people play on something other than rented servers. Too many game nazis out there and I'm just wanting to play like normal.

We also need to see the game's ticket count percentage from the server browser. A lot of people don't have the patience for 1000-ticket Caspian Border matches.
"We know you are out there, and we are coming for you."
HU Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2012-04-18 21:24
Great now whilst you are busy tweaking the game, please can you:-

1) Increase bullet damage!
2) Decrease sensitivity on jets and helicopters.
3) Show friendly air vehicles on radar.
4) Decrease damage done to vehicles by repair torch.
5) oh and obviously bring back official all maps conquest only servers.
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2012-04-18 21:48
Thanks for the quick fix. Next on the list allow us to make custom hardcore ranked matches.
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2012-04-18 21:55
Didn't see anything about the regular servers DICE. You still gonna keep the greed train rolling, huh? Good luck on your next game release.
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2012-04-18 22:45
Great job with the tank armor getting buffed up and other fixes. Any plans on server fix so that when the game is full the vip's and admin can join their own full servers without having to kick/ban anyone? Thanks
Enlisted: 2011-12-19
2012-04-18 23:16
How about correcting the M26+G3+Heavy barrel exploit?
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2012-04-18 23:27
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2012-04-19 00:14
We should be able to filter servers and distinguish DICE official servers from rentals, please. Getting killed or kicked by petulant admins who hate to lose, is not acceptable. Also, why are rental admins naming their servers "Dice" ?
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2012-04-19 00:28
Yes no m26 dart fix. Haha suckas!!!!!!
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