Teammate Idiots!!

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2012-05-02 22:00
I'm sorry It's been a while since I've done anything on this game, but is it me or did the people who play this game get stupid? I mean I was just in the match enemy heilo's screwing us over six Engineer's with fucking stinger rockets on their backs, and none of them would even remotely try to take them out.. If it was enemy anything they would just stare at it LIKE OMG guys do you see their uniforms they are so pretty I won't shoot them, because I don't wanna mess up their uniforms.. So I'm switching classes back and forth to do my other IDK how many other teammates jobs UGH..

Someone please explain to me WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT happened to this game? Did all the 5 year old COD players come and take over, and rooted the actual good players out?
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2012-05-02 22:01
I carry my team
Do not argue with an idiot, otherwise they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience
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2012-05-02 22:01
Bfizzle62 said:
I carry my team
if i don't know you chances are you will hate me. i'm cool with that.
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2012-05-02 22:06
I'm not saying I know everything about BF3, nor am I a great player, but I play randome exclusively, and I have seen alot of stupid stuff, and stupid tactics. And adaptation is the key.

The important thing to do in BF3 as a random is to adapt to and adjust to the pace and style of the action. Move with the flow, and keep up with or lay back if needed. You must know when your team is on the offensive, or defensive, and know by their action what to expect and where they are heading. Jack of all traders is the way to go, one trick poney play will be frustrating for even those highly skilled in one trick.
N/A I play random exclusively
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2012-05-02 22:11
Which is true but kinda hard to do when everyone is running around like a damn chicken with it's head cut off. Idk no one communicates or look at their map. It's like am I the only one who see's we just lost objective A, and B? The whole team is chilling back at C waiting for shit to go down, and next thing i know boom enemy now hold all objectives..