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=ShoX= Team-Aftershocks recruiting PC / EU

GB Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2012-05-19 10:57
Hello, we at Team Aftershocks are recruiting.

Go to our Website [] and check us out and join our Platoon #2 [] (our first Platoon [] is full at the minute!).

We're a collection of friendly European Battlefield veterans up for some late night fraggin' sessions!

We can give you:
- A friendly community
- An active professional website
- A dedicated box currently running;
--- A 48 slot conquest server that is running Back to Karkand
--- A 48 slot Infantry only City Maps server
--- A 32 slot rush server
--- A 48 slot match server
--- A 64 slot war server for our big 32v32 scrims!
- A Teamspeak server with Team Sync so you can chat with teammates without the enemy team hearing you!
- Regular LARGE organised wars
- Regular spontaneous small scrims
- A Clanbase and ESL team

We ask our members to have a microphone so you can join us on Teamspeak for some squadplay, to be mature (18+), respectful and to be a fair player.

Interested? Jump onto our Website [] and introduce yourself in our welcome board [] and jump on TeamSpeak with us to get in on the fraggin'!