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Xbox 360 Stat Problems

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2013-07-25 13:50
Got all my XP back a couple of hours ago so all my unlocks are fine again but I'm still having issues with weapon attachments.
Get off my lawn you damn kids!
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2013-10-01 18:12
When i push the Battlefield 4 beta button on my Xbox 360 i only come to battlefield 3? Why? I have Premium and Medal of honor limited ed...
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2013-11-05 07:25
The support class. Every time I unlock the last weapon RPK, I have to unlock the attachments all over again every time I join in a new match. Come on DICE I always thought you can do better. Also how come when you shoot a opponent it takes an enormous amount of bullets and he shoots you once and then you die. If this game was incomplete then why release it? The consumers expect something better. What ever happen to when a company releases a product it is fully complete with no bugs nor issues. We as consumers are fed up with these constant patches to correct the issues you failed to overlook. I truly hope you guys correct the issues across all platforms because THIS GAME COULD BE TRULY GREAT. I TRULY HOPE TO RECIEVE A RESPONSE SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. THANKS
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2013-11-24 16:43
Compensator and Muzzle breaks roles are opposite of how they work in real life.
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2013-12-08 05:23
this was a forum post, I didn't know we weren't allowed to post them there until now, but here it is.

My k/d was 0.57, now it's 0.6, either it's a glitch or it's because of a glitch, which would be when 1# didn't notice the update and the game had HUGE lag spikes or the worst one, #2 I was playing Domination on Exxod 311, when I couldn't deploy, it just wouldn't deploy me, after about 6 secs, I deployed, then I noticed I couldn't move, all I could do was use my gadgets (just the med kit), switch weapons crawl or lay down, and jump. I couldn't even do the RB button talk things ( btw this is on xbox 360) I couldn't even redeploy! I turned off my controller and turned it back on a gain to no avail, so I frantically pressed buttons because I was angry, a couple people came by and killed me, but every tme I respawned it would do the same thing, after a while my character just burst forward and I could move! but my score was 6 kills 12 deaths, it really ticked me off, after that it never happened again, and I did very well in the next couple rounds! Before I get off of the xbox, I check my k/d to see if it went up, but it was still how I remembered, 0.57. So then I got onto battle log and saw that it was 0.6, but my skill was still 222. Someone please help! You can all say that I suck or I should stop dying or I should get the PC version, but if you want proof check my profile! Or, somehow, it actualls counted all my redeploys but didn't actually redeploy me or show it on the scoreboard.

UPDATE: I just quickly checked on my Xbox 360, it now says I have a k/d of 0.58, and a skill of 239. What is going on???
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2014-04-01 02:30
Why are you showing all the love to the next gen consoles?
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2014-12-17 11:54
I have only recently moved over to the xbox one. And although battlefield has my level.. it does not have my solider progress, Clan tag, skill, ect.. I logged onto battlelog and my original stats are there and under my gamer tag it says Xbox 360.. i go to other soldiers and there is another character there with the same level. (none of the progress and stats) which says under it Xbox one! so how to i go about linking my old solider to my xbox one? If this makes any sense to you.. Id really appreciate the help!

Thank you x :)
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2015-10-02 22:51
my K/D went down by 1 for no reason
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