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Update Radeon driver Error message (help)

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2012-05-26 22:26 , edited 2012-05-27 13:36 by CDCDysentery
I'm getting a window before I launch bf3 that states:
Please update your AMD Radeon driver

Detected AMD Radeon driver version 11.5. The recommended driver
version is 11.7 or later. Please update your drivers at [] before playing the game.

When I go to and do auto detect it says my drivers are up to date. When I go through the selection windows I come back to the same driver I downloaded that I just installed after I recently installed windows. Starcraft 2 and Arma OA run fine on max settings. BF3 is unplayable even on lowest settings. Can someone tell me what to do?

I never got an answer yet ..... any1?
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2012-05-28 01:50
I have the same problem too.
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2012-05-28 01:52
In this case the old driver install needs to be removed manually, as the catalyst install manager bugs out.
Use express uninstall for the entire catalyst suit and reboot, then install the driver from the recent catalyst suit setup.exe manually via device manager. Once this is dealt with I suggest you deactivate the origin client overlay for chat and surfing while in game:
The reason to the recent performance spikes is not the Bf3 patch but changes with the origin client. You can work around this by disabling the ingame overly by accesing origin settings from your desktop.
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2012-06-02 03:39
I had the same problem today but i fixed it after an hours worth of frustration.

First download there beta drivers: []
Then uninstall your catalyst/drivers as normal (control panel/programs and features).
Restart your computer.
Proceed to install the beta drivers.
Restart your computer.
Preform a test run battlefield 3.
If it still fails run the beta driver install one more time, restart, and test again. (the installer does a half ass job sometimes)

Edit: The beta drivers bump you up to version 12.6.
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2013-01-24 00:19
Thanks guys big help to my friend.
My foot meets my mouth a lot.
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2013-01-24 02:54
The better way was to follow these steps --> []
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2013-04-17 14:02
Chaos1907 a dit :
The better way was to follow these steps --> []

Totally solved my problem. THX!
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2014-06-06 21:05
thats all crap nothing of that helps in any ways
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