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plugin probleeeemmmss!

Enlisted: 2012-06-15
2012-06-15 10:16
When i try to download the browser plugin It show on my pc but i have to download it again and again but it still doesnt work...WAT TO DO?
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2012-06-15 10:17
Delete the plugin, install, then restart pc if necessary.
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what you can try is the following:

Search for the "Battlelog Web Plugins" folder. Normally installed in C:/Programs or C:/Programs(x86)
In there you'll find the uninstall utility. Run it. Close the browser first. Then open Battlelog again re-download the plugin and see if that worked.

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1. Download
2. Close browser
3. Excecute the "battlelog-web-plugins-1.122.0-retail-prod.exe"
4. Start browser
5. If it still doesn't work check if plugins are globally disabled
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2012-06-15 10:21
Install it would be the next step. downloading it won't do nothing till you install the plug-in
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nothing helps...waited 3 hours for nuthing
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2012-06-15 13:39
Use firefox or google chrome.
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I've used internet explorer :O Thanks...gotta try if it works
it works...thanks you so much, but now got new problem : ''Please shut down the game on background'' Or something like that...-_-
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2012-09-09 16:09
Where the frik do you download the plugins?
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Westonid said:
Where the frik do you download the plugins?

if you ask about where its being downloaded to C:\Users\user\Downloads

to op try this :

EA_AgentX said:

I've experienced this a couple times myself.

It seems the browser isn't holding the web plugin, for whatever reason.

The current web plugin is version 1.22. Make sure you have that somewhere in your download folder.

Next, completely uninstall it using the Control Panel - Programs & Features/Add Remove Programs. Once uninstalled, clear your browser cache, cookies and temp files. Now you're read to reinstall in a clean state. Find the browser plugin (most likely in your Downloads folder) and run the program. It will install the plugin and you should be set!.

Post back if you still experience issues.

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2012-09-12 01:35
Removing the browser plugin in the control panel worked!!! Delete it, then run the new browser plugin.
US Enlisted: 2012-02-11
2013-01-29 06:11
On IE go to tools/manage add-ons, under Toolbars and extensions make sure SonarAX control is enabled, along with any other EA addons.
IT Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2013-04-02 07:39
Help i have this problem too... I tried all your tips, but still gives me the problem of the plugin HELP
Enlisted: 2013-04-26
2013-04-26 16:27
Wo kann ich diesen Browser plugin installieren ? Wo findet man den zum download?
Enlisted: 2013-03-08
2013-05-23 23:16
I dont even have a battlelog .. i got the same problems ..
CA Enlisted: 2012-11-24
2013-10-02 07:02
Same problem, but all it was that I went to plugin options.
I'm using firefox nightly, typed in "about:addons" in url then
chose "plugins" from the left,
looked for ESN Launch Mozilla plugin and ESN Sonar API and changed both the options from "ask to activate" to "always activate"
Hope this helps some people :/
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2014-01-08 01:43
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