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Pro Gamers, Casual Gamers And Pubbers Wanted (PC)

US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-06-30 03:56
Dark Knights Squadron is recruiting all likes of life, pro players, pub players, all casual players. We have public and private servers and teamspeak3. If you are looking for competition or just looking for a group to pub with add me to your friends for teamspeak info. We are looking for pilots, tankers, infrantry players. We are trying to fill are platoon with 100 members to dominate the battlefield world. No monthly cost, no rank system, just friends having fun playing the game. I would like to thank you ahead of time for reading this post and looking forward to meeting you on the battlefield.Have a great day and happy hunting! []
US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-06-30 03:59
Attention all serious soldiers interested in forming an elite squad.

I will train any 4 man standard rifle fireteam

Pointman, Gunner, Team Leader, Assisted Gunner.

Each will practice and perfect the art of battleteam movements and tactics.
Each person will be required to prove themselves, in three main categories:
- Skill
- Leadership
- Communication

Training will consist of fundamental drills:
- Room Breaching
- Fireteam Formations
- Bounding Overwatch
- Silent Sentry Removal

I need people who stick together as a squad.
I need people who can follow orders.

Lonewolves, hot heads, cheaters, and school girls please head for the door.

If you think you can be apart of a real team that stresses tactics and teamwork over XP and bonus unlocks , I assure you, your team skills will be sharpened and your presenece on the battlefield will be feared.

Thanks, Scienzoflyfe.
US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-06-30 04:47
Scienzoflyfe, why dont you stop posting on other clans post and make your own. total nub.
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