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[iGc] Impact Gaming is recruiting (PC)

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2012-08-09 02:11
Impact Gaming Community []

==About Us==
Impact Gaming Community is a multi-gaming organization. We are looking to provide a large gaming community for alot of players, and games. We do plan on expanding to other gaming consoles as well. Impact Gaming isn't ran to overrun, troll, or control anyone. Just a big huge group of players, that gather together, and play games, Shoot faces, blowing up tanks, etc and having all out clean fun! If you feel like you would like to be apart of Impact Gaming Community, Please visit our website!

*Age: 18+ (exceptions can be made)
*No K/D requirements - willing to learn
*Willing to work as part of a team
*Microphone is REQUIRED

*User Friendly Website
*Active Forums
*Monthly Giveaways Ranging from free games from Steam, Orgin, etc to Newegg gift cards!!
*Custom Site Features only available to clan members
*50-man Teamspeak
*32 man BF3 Server Division
*16 man bf3 server Division
*6 Slot Killing Floor Server
*12 slot Halo Custom Edition Server
*... and much more!

==Games we play/support==
*Battlefield Series
*CS 1.6 + mods
*CSS + mods
*Killing Floor
*Diablo 3
*Halo Custom Edition
*....and many more!


First, You need to visit our website, and register on the forums. Once that is completed and your account is activated, you will then proceed to post an application on the forums, following the application format we have posted. After you post the application, Members and Officers will review your application, During this period, it would be helpful for you to jump in teamspeak with us, Introduce yourself, and play a few rounds in game with us.

After the above step is completed, We will let you know if you have been accepted or not, ( We do not base our decisions on skills, and all that, Although Skill, and Teamwork is highly helpful ). If accepted, We will then set your teamspeak server group/permissions, get you setup on the website roster. We will also extend you an invite to join the platoon page on Battlelog!

We expect you to be loyal to Impact Gaming Community, Wear Tags at all times, and be active as well! You should not have to be told to hop in teamspeak, or in game. That is something you should do as you login to your pc!

Good luck!
If you need any help, feel free to add as a friend one of our members and they will help you

Click the link below to view our servers!! [] []

You must add tags to your Profile upon joining . Multi-clanning is NOT permitted.

Anyone who is looking to purchase their own Battlefield 3 server, I recommend End of Reality. Very excellent performance, Low Pings, Quick set up times, and Top notch support! []
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2012-08-09 03:04
Never did like a poacher - If you have to try and recruit my guys, you are worthless my friend. Get a life!
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2012-08-09 06:21
Still Recruiting competitive and casual players alike!!!
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