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Battlefield 2142 Invalid CD-Key at log-in???

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2012-08-12 12:55
Sup guys, I know this is the Battlefield 3 forum, but the Battlefield 2142 forum has been closed for a while now and EA told everyone that they should head over to their forum at Battlelog(this forum).

So as the topics name says, I could successfully install Battlefield 2142, but when I should log in a screen appears claiming my CD-Key is invalid, I checked the CD-Key and re-installed the game after razor sharp looking at the letter or number, but still the same screen appears(it is in the same design as the rest of the main menu).

Has this happened before?
Do I have to buy a new copy?

Also I have got no respond from EAs troubleshooting service and Dice as well.
This game is so unfinished... That EA tried to publish it!!!
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2012-08-12 12:57
try live ea support []
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2012-08-12 12:58
friend of mine has the same problem.
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2012-12-02 18:14
i got the same problem :/
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2013-12-08 10:50
I know the problem, had that too. Sorry for this late answer but atleast it will help people from now on. If your games are from 2008 or older for an example Battlefield 2142 or The Sims 2 then you might have to activate it through this site; []

if that doesn't help then I don't know. Goodluck!
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