Browser plugin won't let me update.

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2012-09-04 17:28
Installed the new update which was no problem today, the problem is the plugin för the browser.

It won't go past the "Install" window, when i try pressing continue nothing happens!

This is what i've tried so far:

-Repaired the install in Origin
-Deleted browser history, tried installing as administrator, rebooted computer and reinstalled the plugin. Nothing seems to work.

Running on Firefox, i think it's the latest version... anyone else got this problem, or far better, a solution for it?
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2012-09-04 17:33
Same. GG DICE.
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2012-09-04 18:14
Uninstall the web plugin for the battlelog and reboot. Go to the site, download and install the new plugin.
Control Panel>Uninstall a program> Battlelog web plugins> Uninstall. worked for me.
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2012-11-08 09:17
Zinema - thank you for the suggestion, but didn't work for me. Shut down firefox, uninstalled plugin, rebooted, installed again, started firefox, still no love.

Even turned off anti virus, went into FF setting and turned down security, popups, etc.

at least the plugin is working in ms explorer.
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2012-11-08 09:48
hey try uninstall like this:

EA_AgentX said:

I've experienced this a couple times myself.

It seems the browser isn't holding the web plugin, for whatever reason.

The current web plugin is version 1.140.0-retail-prod.exe . Make sure you have that somewhere in your download folder.

Next, completely uninstall it using the Control Panel - Programs & Features/Add Remove Programs. Once uninstalled, clear your browser cache, cookies and temp files. Now you're read to reinstall in a clean state. Find the browser plugin (most likely in your Downloads folder) and run the program. It will install the plugin and you should be set!.

Post back if you still experience issues.

EA Community/Social Admin

then install it again [] and check if your comparability mode is off also you can try run it as admin

working fine here in Firefox post more pc specs of yours
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2013-02-17 00:11 , edited 2013-02-17 06:04 by TimberwolfNZ
had same happen with me in IE and FF. Ended up trying it in Chrome and it worked.
Uninstall, download to desktop, install. May have been because Chrome was a fresh download/install while I had FF and IE as browsers for sometime.
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2013-04-09 03:53 , edited 2013-04-10 17:09 by snafu918
this is nuts I cant play because this shit is broken. Ive tried all the recommendations posted here and no love.
battle log is still broken, and I cant find support from EA or anyone else. I spent a ton on this product as premium player and now I cant even play the game. you guys suck for not responding to this post this will be the last EA game I buy.

Just in case anyone is following along, I uninstalled and then reinstalled chrome just now and it works again
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2013-04-20 03:18
F#$&%#$% EA get you S%#$%#$ together. if you are going to make these stupid plugins people have to install then F@#$!2345 make them work. COD does NOT have these problems.
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Fix for IE []
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2013-05-14 11:08
I was having the same problem with IE. I installed Firefox downloaded the plug in, switched back to IE and it worked
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2013-10-02 23:52
Was looking through the posts here having the same issues and decided to turn on my plug in called esn sonar API to always activate. Mozilla and it ran the process fine. Its to do with something you possibly disabled. Just letting you know that worked for me, no reboot or deleting or any of that.
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2014-08-28 16:23
using chrome... the update downloads just fine... but when I open it something happens in a blink of an a eye, I'm not sure it gets installed correctly or not.
after restarting the browser the motherfuckers asks me to download the motherfucking update again!!!
version 2.5.0
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2014-08-28 16:57
The update from the 2.50_148 is not working. 147 worked.... but the installer is running - get's about 25% in and simply fails to complete. I've tried removing the web-plug-ins clearing cache/etc. restarting browser - same failure... So something in this new build isn't working correctly.

It's hard to see but it looks like when it's trying to register the object with the registry...
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2014-08-28 16:59
got the same problem on my chrome browser. Tried everything i could think of but nothing worked
Enlisted: 2013-08-23
2014-09-12 22:27
Same here :/