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Anti Aliasing - Problem post patch

Enlisted: 2012-07-21
2012-10-17 22:45
Same problem here...
i5 2300, GTX 670...
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-10-25 10:54
i have this as well , gtx670 []
US Enlisted: 2011-10-31
2012-10-25 11:02
Well thats weird first time seeing this.

I think all of you should head to [] and ask for help there.
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-10-25 13:00 , edited 2012-10-25 13:15 by Kh3naz
By turning Deferred Antialiasing off i get this issue []

seem to be the same issue happening in the distance
EG Enlisted: 2012-05-03
2012-10-25 20:04
same problem with 7970
CL Enlisted: 2012-09-08
2012-10-26 01:48
PROBLEMAS CON LOS AAX2 X4 Aca.. GTX670 - i73770 .... TODO BORROSO.. :(
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2012-10-27 18:38
same problem geforce gtx 660 Ti, i5 2500k.
AU Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-11-12 11:57
wow ok so did research and spent few hrs on help line with ea rep and he didnt know either and i been sick of worry thinking its my 3 way gtx 670 sli setup cos one is evga and two r gainward and he said i cant mix and match cards but i knew it cudnt be that cos i never got the browny dark grey fog before so now i know its a patch thing and it can be gotten rid of by setting anti aliasing deffered to off ( not 2 or 4x) hope it help someone who is worrying like i did :)
i7-4790k @ 4.8Ghz 3-way GTX 980 CLASSIFIED under water 16GB 24500mhz ASUS ROG Maximus Extreme VI EVGA 1600W Plat Obsidian 800D
CA Enlisted: 2011-11-16
2012-11-12 22:37
Well cant say i am surprised. seems about 3 months now and yet no fix. Same here turn off the DAA it is working fine. I miss the good old days when battlefield 3 work perfect out of the box, then along cam Origin and its useless updates. I haven't bought any EA badged games since this and Crysis 2....fed up with EA selling half ass done games. Feel sorry for Crytek and DICE or any one else in a contract with this company. FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM !!! it isn't like you just found out about it yesterday ,you had friggen 3 months or so oh man EA !!!!! get your thumb out of your ass and start showing some professionalism .
Enlisted: 2012-11-16
2012-11-16 07:47
Just bought bought the game today and I noticed the same problem indoors. After a few minutes of Google searching I came across this thread. I disabled AA in the settings and the problem went away but I have to play w/ jaggies now...

i7 3820 OC'd to 4.2 GHz
EVGA GTX 660Ti in 2-way SLI

@westmr: How do you enable AA in the NVIDIA control panel? "Application Controlled" is my only option.
Enlisted: 2012-05-24
2012-11-17 01:57
I have the same problem and a gtx 660 ti, with the lastest nvidia beta drivers
Enlisted: 2012-11-19
2012-11-19 06:48
wow, seriously just got this the other day and was like wtf, at first I thought it was rubbish art direction/effects(like another here), but then I was like no way this is getting to be ridiculous. honestly I feel like giving up on pc, half the games are crappy console ports that run like poo, and every other game has some kind of critical bug; it's so tedious.
AU Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-11-26 16:11
This just started happening to me. I played the campaign a few months ago and it seemed fine from memory. I noticed on one of the close quarters maps with the underground garage that some of the wind shields on the cars flickered a bit here and there with fog seeming to disappear and reappear.

But yeah now the first mission operation swordbreaker is just covered with fog for me if I have 2x or 4x msaa turned on.

i7 2600k
GTX 680 superclocked
8GB G.skill ram
Asrock z68 extreme4 gen3
Enlisted: 2012-11-27
2012-11-27 19:39
Just wondering if anyone still has this problem as I just started the campaign and it is almost unplayable. Many thanks.
Enlisted: 2011-11-20
2012-12-03 17:51 , edited 2012-12-03 20:20 by componenty
i think the new update fixed the problem( for me) no fog any more.after 3gb apdate tody
CL Enlisted: 2012-09-08
2013-01-06 23:22 , edited 2013-01-06 23:24 by paterraza
Por fin,,, la actualización resolvió el problema. bien... everything right with the new update, either.
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