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Reset password not working on Origin PC login?

US Enlisted: 2012-02-25
2012-09-14 07:45
Well i changed my password a long time ago to something more complicated and wrote it down. the thing is i couldn't remember my password or find the darn paper i wrote it on so on several occasions i tried to re set my password with my email address wich is also used for my login.

Well long story short i tried to re set my password like 6 times and i got no email and i just now found the paper with my password on it and it still works. is the system bugged?

i would hate to half to have actually lost my password to not have the reset function working.
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2012-09-14 10:29
Something's screwed up with Origin at the moment. I can't access my account at all (despite typing the correct password) and the Reset functionality isn't sending an email.

There is a FAQ stating the system went down on the 12th, though knowing EA's appalling service it wouldn't surprise me if they hadn't fixed it yet.
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US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-10-27 21:01 , edited 2012-10-28 02:22 by Kogashuko
Check your email over the last week to see if you get an email from them that says "Email address successfully changed." I did and my account had been hacked. The funny part was it said to use EA help if I didnt request that. Problem was I was unable to loggin to EA or origin because of the hack. I called the 888 number and they reset everything. Downside was the password reset option causes all sorts of errors right now....

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