4 Player Start?

Enlisted: 2012-09-30
2012-11-09 05:11

I've seen a few postings about 4 player start for PC servers. My server provider has told me this will now be required. I understand the benefits of this, but I'm disappointed because I only bought a server to play with my Dad & brother on weekends.

Is this here to stick and is there anyway I can make it three players? If not, I'm happy I didn't buy premium for all three of us for Christmas....
AU Enlisted: 2012-10-23
2012-11-09 05:13
i think you can make a bot soldier or something...... i overheard this in a conversation i should not have been listening to lol
Advancing at you sexually......... you dig?
Enlisted: 2012-09-30
2012-11-09 05:17 , edited 2012-11-09 05:18 by NuclearIce18
Really? That would be better than nothing. Some of you will probably say we can still play unranked. While that is probably true, why would we want to play if you can't get a new gun every 1~2 weeks. That would get old quick. Or new vehicle things.