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Disappearance of TDM Spawn Points

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Okay, so here I go... This is something that all my regular players have noticed ever since that last client/server update [] (server update R34). Also, I think this may only pertain to the Strike at Karkand map.

I run a pretty popular Strike at Karkand TDM server [] (GameTracker Link []) It has seen just about 100,000 players total both active and in passing. Ever since about a week ago after that previously mentioned above update, the spawn locations have been cut down by more than half. Specifically, for the Strike at Karkand TDM map; the most Southeast, Southwest, the alley spawn in the West, and the Northwest spawns have been taken out on us in this update without mention. Take a look... []

Now the dynamics of the map are terrible. Not only is one side of the map no longer used but now it has become more of a spawn and shoot map especially since the spawns tend to stick to the two Northern spawns quite often which can lead to constant spawn and die scenarios. Once, at the beginning of a round from my team's North spawn, I even saw just about the whole enemy team spawn in a single spawn spot in the Northeast spawn. With the removal of the 4 spawns on the other end of the map, the only time the game is not spawn and shoot is when one team spawns on the North spawn and the other on the slightly Southeast spawn.

Not only am I being affected here but so are my regular players. Quite a few of them have already asked me what is going on with the spawns and have urged me to fix it with which I can only respond that I don't have control over it. I'm afraid that this map on TDM is going to wear thin on some of the regulars of the server now. I wouldn't blame them because the map just basically got cut in half and became a turkey shoot of a game which kind of makes it dull now.

Anyways, I guess my main point here is to find out from any of you if you have also noticed any spawn points gone missing on some of the TDM maps after that last client/server update. I'm also hoping to grab the attention of the developers to get a fix on this. I'm thinking that it wasn't completely intentional and that they may have just been trying to adjust a couple spawns but accidentally threw 4 out the window completely.

Thanks for your time!
Tim (TimSad)
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2012-12-10 00:55
+10 points for smiley faces.....

Few things messed up in this patch in true DICE style...
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2012-12-10 01:03
bump for awareness
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2012-12-10 01:10
Bump for more awareness.

Why DICE have to try make this even more of a spawn-die-twitch gamemode I do not know; TDM is already TDM.
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2012-12-10 11:36
Thank you for this post,

I've noticed the same thing ( how can you not ) I'm the owner of the popular 64 player ''Playground for Soldiers'' Server that runs Karkand in TDM.
The game play has become pretty much a joke. The 2 spawn points are right next to each other, and this results in a instant nade fest.

My server is getting populated by the regulars, but they complain. And with good reason. A quarter of this already very small map is being used
because of this. And spray and pray becomes the most used tactic.

As an owner and admin, i'm getting pretty tired of EA/Dice pressing changes on me, and my clan that we did not ask for.
I pay allot of money each month to create a fun environment for ppl to play in.

It's enough that i have to start it everyday with this 4 player-start BS, and deal with the hacker infestation that plague's this game.

Offcourse, this wont be resolved.. I've seen what EA/Dice does with problems with this game.
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2012-12-10 15:25
I have been playing in this great "Strike at Karkand TDM server" and as you Tim say today I've also noticed the same problem about disappearance of spawn points in Karkand TDM map. At present there're so many fast and unexpected contacts that we can't play this game as normally as we used to.
We do hope DICE will pay enough attention on this issue and fix it as soon as possible.
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2012-12-10 15:38
change it to canal and it will be as popular as it used to be
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2012-12-10 19:34
The new spawns are totally boring. especially the 2 spawns right next to each other on the small hill.

Can we get the old spawns back please?
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2012-12-10 20:04
darixzen powiedział:
The new spawns are totally boring. especially the 2 spawns right next to each other on the small hill.

Can we get the old spawns back please?

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2012-12-11 00:53
Asking EA to do something useful is like asking a nun for a blow job. If popular servers are running old maps why would ppl purchase the new maps? Money hungry corporate scum buckets forgot the fact that they are supposed to be providing entertainment for all, but got lost in all the $$$$$$$$. I won't be surprised if the EA gestapo deletes this topic...
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2012-12-11 01:13
What still surprises me is that with every DICE PATCH, they give a short list of changes while they have a list double the given on that provide changes and fckups... mostly fckups. They change shit they should and have been doing this since day one.

Pretty soon it'll get locked, no doubt!
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2012-12-11 01:45
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2012-12-11 02:18
Another sad change we'll inevitably have to used to.
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2012-12-11 02:27
Its just not using the back right spawn at the crater much if at all. Someone fubar'd something. Its almost unplayable. Spawn in a group of 3 guys standing there waiting
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2012-12-11 12:53
Bumping cause I also a regular on that server.
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2012-12-11 19:31
Thanks to Tim for the heads up, I have now forwarded this to the appropriate people.

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2012-12-11 20:34
AleksGreen said:
Thanks to Tim for the heads up, I have now forwarded this to the appropriate people.


Thank you SO much for that, Aleks! Hope we'll soon be able to get our old Strike at Karkand TDM back. :)
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2012-12-12 04:39
aye, that particular 24/7 karkand server is my favorite
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2012-12-12 04:51
bump, you run an awesome server
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Is this only on Karkand or any other map also?

Would help the investigation since then I should either look in the spawn system or on that specific map =)
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