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Battlelog Changelog

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2013-03-04 16:04 , edited 2013-03-14 09:26 by TheBikingViking
Battlelog Minor Update - March 14th 2013

- New flow for sharing forum posts to your feed. Posts will no longer automatically be shared. Instead you can mark a checkbox when writing the post, or alternatively click a new "Share" button for your own posts afterwards to share them to the feed. This will greatly reduce Battle Feed clutter.

- Various fixes for the Gun Master Battle Reports.
- Fixed a bug where the round score would not display in Team Deathmatch and Squad Deatmatch in Battle Reports.

Battlelog Minor Update - March 12th 2013

- Various fixes for Comments in Battle Reports.
- Fixed an issue where the stats pages sometimes didn't load.
- Removed an icon with an empty tooltip from the chat window that would show if a user is away or offline.
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2013-03-12 10:55
Battlelog Update - March 4th 2013

- Site-wide support for the End Game expansion pack.
- Now possible to Hooah and upvote news comments
- Now possible to reply to news comments.
- Now possible to Hooah news posts.
- Added preview post functionality in forums.
- Added BBCode-support and buttons when creating threads and writing posts.
- Added the ability to search for usernames in the forum search.

- Fixed so that the top three scorers receive the right type of medals (gold/silver/bronze) in Battle Reports.
- Fixed not being able to change primary Platoon after creating a new Platoon.
- User name is now a valid search criterion in forum search.
- Fixed occasional game launch problems after being idle for a long time.
- Fixed M67 grenade image.
- Fixed being able to click “Create Platoon” button multiple times, which caused many copies of the same Platoon.
- Fixed an issue where signed out users were being redirected to the login page when resetting their server browser filter.
- Removed (broken) linking of specializations in Battle Feed.
- Fixed missing texts on credits page.
- Fixed missing description for TOW, Kornet, and Rhib boat.
- Fixed map images for e-sports matches.
- Loadout for scoped crossbow fixed.
- Fixed various IE8 login issues.
- Fixed an issue where the Assignments counter was showing your max Assignments even if you looked at another soldier.
- Fixed an issue where you could “hooah” a Platoon page even if you’ve done it before.
- Fixed sometimes being unable to save profile settings.
- Fixed loadout apply button not getting disabled when applying loadout.
- Removed font size BBCode support in forum threads.
- Fixed tooltips being shown in incorrect positions.
- Fixed tooltip not disappearing in server browser.
- Removed empty forum sections.
- Gun Master Mode Battle Reports now include the starting level.
- General fixes and optimizations for forum search.
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2013-03-27 06:20
Battlelog Update - March 27th 2013

- Battlefield 4 section added, including a landing page, feed events for pre-ordering and a banner on the homepage.
- "My Latest Activity" added to Forums to keep track of the threads you post in.
- A range of new all-time statistics have been added to the soldier page.

- Fixed an issue, where the stats pages were sometimes stuck loading.
- Fixed an issue where an comment didn't increase its Hooah content after being Hooah'ed
- "Upcoming" section removed from Premium, as all content is now released.
- Various updates to the forum styles and layout.
- Fixed an issue where links wouldn't be hidden by the spoiler tags.
- Various minor fixes and improvements.
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Battlelog Update - May 14th

- New header and menu design for both Battlefield and Medal of Honor: Warfighter
- New Com Center design with integrated Game Manager for both Battlefield and Medal of Honor: Warfighter
- Platoons now show their date of creation
- A lot of changes and improvements "under the hood" to prepare Battlelog for future additions and enhancements

- Fixed a bug, where a user loses group chat ownership when kicking a member from the chat
- Various other fixes for the group chat
- Fixed a bug where you could not un-fan certain Platoons
- Fixed a bug where empty Platoons would still show if it had pending invites
- Fixed some formatting issues with forum post previews
- Improved presence updating when quitting a multiplayer game

Battlelog Minor Update - May 15th

- Fixed an issue where the Battlelog plugin could not be downloaded in Internet Explorer 10
- Fixed various issues with viewing and navigating Battlelog on mobile and tablet browsers

Battlelog Minor Update - May 16th
- Removed the Plugin Download icon in the menu on non-compatible devices, such as mobile devices
- Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn't click on items below the menu dropdown
- Fixed an issue where the Com Center would not show on the width resolution 1280px
- Fixed an issue where the right part of the menu would not be showed correctly for certain languages
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2013-09-04 10:26 , edited 2013-09-04 17:05 by TheBikingViking
Battlelog Update - September 4th

This update mainly contained backend and infrastructure changes in preparation for Battlefield 4, and therefore not a lot of visible changes for users.

Improvements & Changes:
- New header/menu design and layout
- You can now choose to have your feed, game activity and personal info only shown to friends
- Completely new UI for the Game Manager (only available for select few people)
- Now only friends can see what server you are playing on in your profile

- Issue where your presence would not change when you stop playing Co-op
- Issue where the site didn't scale correct in 1280x720 resolutions
- Various compatibility issues with the Opera browser
- Various issues with Battlefield 3 multiplayer Quickmatch
- Issue where you couldn't publish your emblem to the feed
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