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[PC] NemexisNet - Casual Fun-based Platoon

NL Enlisted: 2011-11-10
2013-03-05 16:50
NemexisNet is a platoon linked to a community.
That's right, we're not just a clan, but a COMMUNITY.
Our platoon is brand new and looking for players that love to play MOHW together!

We have our own MOHW Sector Control server running here: []
Our server syncs with in order to provide maximum protection against cheaters/hackers.

What are we looking for in players:
- No swearing kids.
- Enjoy playing MOHW casually is a MUST
- Rank is not important.
- Actively play with the platoon and/or your friends on our server
- Having FUN!

We don't care if you got a K/D Ratio of 0,5 or 5,0...we want our platoon to grow big and exist out of players that ENJOY the game.
It's time that people learn to enjoy the game itself again rather than being dead-on competitive!

Sign up for our platoon here: []

As long as you like playing the game and wish to build up a fun platoon, you're most welcome to join!!
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